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Saturday, August 27, 2016

It's Always Been About Us

My next door neighbor was a Pastor who belonged to a denomination that believes in hard core pre-destination. He was a wonderful fellow and we had many meaningful conversations about Jesus, the Holy Spirit and what it means to live holy.  If I stuck to subjects that dealt with things after you were part of the kingdom, we heartily agreed. I stayed away from the whole how you get into the Kingdom conversation as much as possible because I believe that everyone has been pre-destined from the foundation of the world to be saved. Ephesians is very clear on that. Paul spent a lot of the New Testament making this clear to all. Christ's blood was not just shed for some. It was shed for ALL.

Then I heard a sermon where the speaker was expressing gratitude that God decided somewhere along the way to allow Gentiles to be saved. I believe they said it was not about us, meaning the Gentiles. I had never heard that before. It was as if they thought that somewhere along the way, when God figured out that things weren't working well with the Jews, He changed his mind and decided to let Gentiles into the Kingdom club. Immediately I thought and even said to my husband, it was always about us! All along! From second one, it was always about us....humankind...God's creation! You see, there wasn't Jew and Gentile in the beginning. There was just us...homo sapiens. That is who God made. That is who God loved. That is who God loves. Jews are simply a sub group of humankind that God set apart for His divine purpose of saving the WHOLE world...that's us!

If Gentiles could not be saved until sometime later, then what about all those Gentiles who existed before that time? Were they lost? NO, because that would include anyone living before Abraham, like the author of the first five books of the Bible. It would also include non-jews after Abraham but before Christ, like two women who are in His geneology. They were not born Jewish. They embraced Judeism when they learned the truth of who God was and like Abraham, it was accounted to them as righteousness. We are saved simply by faith.

God has placed in every man a measure of faith. That is so any/every man has the potential and opportunity to be saved. If a man does not exercise that measure of faith, he is lost. If he does, he is saved. It's pure and simple. Where we came from, where we started out does not matter. It's what we do along the way that determines our eternity. If we embrace a personal relationship with Christ, we become part of His kingdom. If we don't, we are lost to an eternal hell. It really is just that simple. God loves us ALL! Christ died for ALL! It's ALL about us! It always was!

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