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Thursday, July 21, 2016

So Who Cares?

My husband surprised me with two weekend getaways in a row! They surprised him too. We spent two consecutive weekends in the  hospital. Now I love weekend getaways as much as the next gal but told him that while I appreciated him whisking me away for the weekend, I really felt  that we needed a change of venue. LOL! He heartily agreed.

I've done my time when it comes to hospitals. I've never actually been admitted to the hospital myself for more than emergency room visits or out patient procedures, except for the four short visits I had with each of my four children. And I must say that it's easier for me to be the patient than to be the one sitting with the patient. Why? Because I've found that caring as deeply as I do about the person in the bed is exhausting!

You would think that sitting by a person's bed while looking at your computer, reading the paper, watching out the window through binoculars at hawks soaring overhead  (yes, I took my binoculars to the hospital), snacking on chips from the cafeteria, and occaisionally getting up to assist the patient would be relaxing, even boring. Well, it was boring at times but far from relaxing. 

I remember the first time I saw my husband in a hospital bed. This just happened a few short years ago after knowing him for over 37 years. It stopped me short and took my breath away as I saw him laying there unconscious with an IV bag dripping Ringer's into his arm and an oxegen tube strapped across his face and there wasn't even anything wrong with him. He had just had some sort of out patient procedure that basically amounted to nothing. Still, it hit me hard. There lay my invincible hubby, totally incapacitated. 

Interestingly enough it caused me to realize that it costs something to care about people. There are sacrifices involved. It's not always easy. And our greatest example of caring is God, who cared so much that He not only sat by our beds as we languished in sin, but He sent His Son to take our place in the bed and to die so that we will never have to. "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us all." 

What a wonderful thing to come to know and experience the kind of love God has for us. What a wonderful thing to have the grace of God in our lives so that we can love each other the same way that he loves because He has given us His Spirit who graces us to love. 

So who cares? God cares! I care.  It's the Lord's doing and it's marvelous!