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Monday, June 13, 2016

Just For Fun-Dishwasher Salmon

There is just a lot of senseless information on the internet! I know I have to be careful! It's just too easy to flip through Facebook and click on every random item that someone posts. When you are done, you realize that you have spent the better part of an evening looking at totally random, useless information. It's a total waste of time.

I have to apply the same restrictions to my blogroll. The other day I clicked on a blog that listed uses for your dishwasher-other than dishes. Some of it was helpful and clever but this one was way over the top! It lterally made me laugh outloud. I hope it give you a giggle too and my apologies to the person who came up with this idea and thinks that they are clever.

It was a blog that told you how to cook salmon in the dishwasher. (Seriously, who would even spend time experimenting with something like this.) Of course you wouldn't want to cook your salmon in the same load as your dishes in case you didn't do a very good job at wrapping it in tin foil because who wants to eat salmon cooked in dirty dishwasher water? Furthermore, usually the dishes are done AFTER dinner is cooked, not before. Although salmon is considered a pure food, I don't think this is what they mean when they talk of a "clean food" diet either. 

This just didn't make sense to me.  Firstly, you are using an entire load of dishwater plus the electricity to run it. Double jepordy in my opinion. Even with the promise that the salmon will be cooked and moist-DUH, it's not enough to make me want to try it. It's actually more efficient to cook salmon in the oven with some side dishes or on the grill than to use an entire dishwashing cycle! And in the summer, my dishwasher heats up my kitchen just as badly as my oven, so no advantage there either. 

Obviously I have since wasted more time just thinking about this. There is a lesson here to be learned though.

How many times do we hear something about another person that sounds ridiculous at the time, yet we spend precious time thinking about it when we could be filling our heads with other more valuable, useful and edifying things? With all the information we now have at our fingertips, we must be extra careful about what we fill our heads with! The more of the world that is swirling around in there, the less of God we are meditating on. Slowly our spiritual life will decline, in increments so tiny that we won't even realize it until we are in a place of tempatation or trouble. Then we would be wishing that we had put more effort into reading the Word and listening for the voice of the Spirit. 

As a way to regulate this, I have seriously limited what pops up on my wall on Facebook. It's much better to just check on someones statuses when the Lord brings them to mind than to read every item they share on their wall. 

I have catgorized my blogroll too. All the blog categories are listed on the left, but only "reliable" blogs actually appear with their subject titles. 

Thirdly I have limited the amount of time I spend on these sites at all. If I see something that interests me on a quick pass through I will mark it for later so that I can access it easily. If it's a website, I'll email myself the link so that I don't waste time scrolling and possibly being taken captive by some outlandish title or photo. 

I'm challenging myself to not give media of any kind more time than I give to God. That's out of balance. Does this make me a religious fanatic?  I hope so! If there's anything I want to be fanatical and knowledgable of, it's the Word of God! If there's anything I want to hear clearly, it's the voice of God. And if there's anything that I want to feel in life, it's the presence of God. That can only be gained by spending time with God.

So, what's for dinner at your house tonight?

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