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Monday, May 18, 2015

For Better or Worse...This Year Was Worse

Hubby and I just celebrated  had our 33rd wedding anniversary. On Thursday, the day before our anniversary, my retina decided to say "tallyho" to my eyeball. My vision became
wavy and full of weird shadows.  So on Friday, he drove me 1 1/2 hours to Holy Spirit hospital-hows that for a comforting name?-for emergency surgery on my eye. What a way to spend an anniversary.  I could just picture him sitting in the waiting room thinking about how far behind he was getting with his lawn business and being "so thankful" that he had married me.

Actually, he was sitting in the waiting room thinking but more about how I was doing than anything else. Life has been challenging lately.  He has had some very scary symptoms but after extensive blood tests appears to be okay. There are a few issues that we will be dealing with in the coming months with him and we are facing another surgery on my right eye and cataract removal on both eyes.

Things come in life that we neither expect or welcome. When you are our age, it is just common sense to know that issues are going to pop up from time to time, but that doesn't make them any easier to process or go through.  Frankly, with my husband's symptoms the way they were and the doctor's puzzlement at them, I had an almost daily fight with fear. My hubby is just about my whole world. He is the one person that knows me best and loves me in spite of it. I guess he would say the same about me.

Even with all the craziness that day, we managed to laugh, to enjoy each other, and to pray together even though I had some crazy yellow surgical socks and a puffy blue hat on that didn't at all match the grey checked hospital gown that I was sporting. Seriously, it's a good thing that married love is blind and I'm not talking about the kind of blind that I currently am! LOL! Don't worry, It's temporary.

Even now, when he's tired in the evenings, he takes me for walks.  I can't go by myself because of how I have to hold my head and the fact that I am totally, temporarily blind in my left eye.  He steers me around storm grates and parked cars so I don't end up looking like my son's French Bulldog "Jacks". He doesn't like to walk, but he gladly dons his shoes and a smile and off we go. In order to see my face, he has to turn upside down and look in the mirror system on the front of my special chair that has been my abode for the last 4 day. And of course, when his face pops in there, it has some silly expression on it to make me laugh. It's about my only contact with the world right now. He's the best nurse ever.

Anniversaries come and go. Some are better than others. We will celebrate our anniversary when things calm down around here. But we can celebrate our marriage everyday by loving, honoring and cherishing each other for better...or for worse.

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