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Monday, March 2, 2015

BUT God!

Our Pastor, my husband, is off recovering from surgery for several weeks, so people that don't preach that often are taking over the pulpit on Sunday mornings for awhile. One of my favorites to hear is our youth Pastor. Usually the only time he preaches is when my husband is preaching somewhere else, so I have to listen to the CD, which is good, but it just doesn't compare to being there to hear him. His sermons are always full of the Word and always touch my heart, challenging and encouraging me at the same time.  I'm so glad that he is a part of our body. Not many Pastors could take this much time off and know that the flock would still be fed just as well as if he were there. I'm very thankful for people who can and will step up in times of need.

Two Sundays ago, during worship, the Lord quieted our body for a unusually long period of time. I thank God for a leader that was in tune with God and led us that direction.  Some find times like that uncomfortable, but I love it because I know that God is going to speak.  During that time the Lord reminded me that HE is the pearl of great price and the treasure hidden in a field. There is nothing more valuable than a relationship with him and He is worth giving everything else up for. As a result of this quiet time, we also spent some time in prayer and I prayed for myself that I would REALLY see Him as these on a practical level and that He would draw me closer to Him, making me more aware of His presence in my daily life, especially when I am at work.

 It's so easy for me to get busy at work and not really be conscious of His presence, even though I know in my head that He is there. It's obvious that He's helping me because I "catch" things that I wouldn't normally while doing my work and it saves me from costing the company money and costing me my job! :-)

Still, I would love to have God speaking to me all day, even during the busy times.  After spending the last 10 or so years on a lawn tractor most of the day, it was easy to mow and listen for His voice. Now, if I am not really attentive to my work, one little slip up can have grave consequences, so it has been an adjustment.

BUT GOD...I love that phrase! He does answer prayer! Early Sunday morning, I had a dream. I dreamed that I was leading Sunday worship service. When I woke up, I was singing a song about God's love. It wasn't one that I'm even particulary fond of, but the words were so meaningful to me.

I have requested several times at work that we be allowed to listen to music while we work. Before I had this position, I could and it calmed and comforted me throughout the day. I would listen to music or sermons or just the Word and I felt edified by the time quitting time rolled around. Our supervisor has not given into this request.....yet!

Today at work, I found myself humming all four verses of an old hymn.  How I remembered the verses, I'll never know. It's not even one that we sing at church. I don't believe this was an accident.  I believe that it is God answering my prayer that He would interject Himself into my day. I love music. It comes rather naturally for me. But as I sang, I contemplated the words believing that God Himself brought those to my remembrance for a reason. I just can't describe how thrilled I am. It has me thinking of God AND focusing on my work all at the same time! It reminded me that we have not because we ask not, but when we ask, God answers! That's just how wonderful God is!

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