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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Basket of Cheer?

I work for a company that is very charitable in the community. It's a rare week when some committee isn't raising money for some noble cause. Around Easter every year, different departments put together baskets to be raffled off.  The winning basket's department gets a free lunch so the competition is often very fierce.  After kicking around several ideas, my department picked a basket of booze--big shocker.  I don't know if I have ever mentioned before that the one thing that shocked me about working in the secular workplace was their fascination with alcohol. I have worked there for 23 months and not one single day has passed that alcohol has not been mentioned, yearned for, planned around, and lauded. 

Every event involves alcohol. Parties, weddings, birthdays, picnics, even meetings for aforementioned charities involve the planning of what is going to be drunk and who is going to bring it. Alcohol is the greatest prize a person can receive. If you have a good day, you celebrate with a few drinks.  If you have a bad day, then alcohol is what you use to forget it and relax.  Alcohol calms fears, is used as a sleep aid, and is a status symbol if you drink the right kinds and brands. Even our company meetings include company sponsored and funded alcohol. 

I was not surprised that my departments basket ended up being this "Basket of Cheer."  It's in the running with a "Basket of Cash" for first place.  And most likely, the winner of the cash will use it to buy "cheer".  How sad! 

As a Christian, I could not contribute to the basket because I am very opposed to drinking of any kind. You see, I read the Bible and I know what God has said about drinking fermented drink. I've also been at the end of the road for many who drink and I've seen the destruction both to them and their families. Alcohol is not a victim-less vice. The devil does not discriminate in whom he takes hostage. And he leaves no man alive, if it's at all possible. 

I've come to think that the cigarette industry got a raw deal. It is heavily regulated. They are required to put warnings about their products right on the package. The alcohol industry has somehow seemed to escape this scrutiny. There should be a warning on every can of beer, on every bottle of wine, and on every bottle of hard liquor telling the consumer that it will harm their liver, destroy their brain cells, rob them of every penny, impair their judgement, and destroy their family. Instead it is glorified on TV, at sporting events, and evidently, at most work places. 

Given all the things that alcohol does to a person when they drink it, you would think that people who claim even a minimum amount of smarts would steer clear of it altogether, given it's potential to ruin a life.

As a Christian, I know that a living, vibrant relationship with God far exceeds anything that alcohol can pretend to affect-without the hangover! And it's affects are not just for a night or an afternoon, they are eternal! 

I wish that my co-workers understood these things. I pray that some day they do.

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