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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Adoption Love

I was in the kitchen with a co-worker who is pregnant.  I asked how her pregnancy was going and the usual chit chat.  She mentioned that she would like to have another one after this, her second, but she just hates being pregnant. (Of course, her non-pregnancy body is one of those incredibly fit and skinny ones, so that makes sense). I mentioned that maybe she could adopt.  She was skeptical that she would love an adopted child as much as her natural children and I quickly assured her that she would. She asked me if I had adopted.  I told her no, but that I had over the years taken many people into my home and found that I loved them just as much as if they were my own family. She decided that she would think about it.

I have friends who recently adopted a child.  It is obvious that they love him as much I have ever loved any of my naturally born children. He is one blessed little guy!

A thought popped into my head as a result of that conversation and thinking about my friends.  Of course, it is possible to love an adopted child as much as a natural one.  God does. In fact, God loved us so much that he wanted to adopt us all, even though it cost Him His "naturally born son", in a manner of speaking, Scripture tells us that we have been adopted into the family of God, that God is now our Father and Jesus is our brother. This is demonstrated in "that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."  We have been adopted and can now cry "Abba, Father" and God listens as if we are His naturally born offspring. We are spiritually born, but the only equivalent we have to compare that kind of adoption is natural adoption. We have been born into God's family and as far as He is concerned we are HIS. What an amazing thought! When we come to God as children, He responds just as we would to our own children, but in a more perfect way because everything He does is right and perfect.  Think about it-our Father is perfect in everything He is and everything He does!

And with Christmas season upon us, this knowledge just makes the season seem a little more special because it was at Christmas that this whole adoption process began. Imagine if it took us 33 years to complete the adoption process! And we think a few years is a long time.  I wonder if God felt the same anticipation about adopting us into His family as we do when we are adopting a child into our own family.  I can only imagine.

So if God can love His adopted children as much as His first born son, then we can too because He has shed his love abroad in our hearts. I'm past the age and patience level to adopt small children but I can truly appreciate the hearts of parents that adopt. May we all learn to appreciate the love of our Father for His own adopted children.

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