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Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Little Guys-Thankful Day 12

I have two little guys in my life. They are ages 3 and 1. They are my grandsons.  They live close by which makes being a grandparent so rewarding. I can’t even describe the feelings I have when they are around. I love to just sit and watch them play and interact with people. I love the memories that they stir in my heart.  When I see their mother, giving the best years of her life to raise and nurture them the way she does, it warms my heart and makes me proud. She is such a good mother.

The boys, with their mannerisms, remind me so much of my boys when they were that age and I once again re-live how I loved them and nurtured them, just like my daughter does now. Those seemed like simpler days and it causes me to miss them, for the most part. Memories flash before my eyes and I long to grab my boys up in my arms and just hold them for a little while longer. (Of course, both my boys are taller than I am so that would be virtually impossible at this stage of the game.)  That doesn’t mean that I don’t love them the way my daughter obviously loves the little guys, in fact, in many ways I love them even more. Of course with teenagers, you can love them so much that you think you will burst but still not like the things they do sometimes. They translate that as Mom and Dad don’t love me anymore, but that is so untrue. My big guys were my world for so many years.  I, like my daughter, gave them my best years and I wouldn’t trade that for the world. I just wish that they were a little more willing to receive the affection that I still have for them. I know it’s just a stage and that someday they will, so I just take all that affection and give it to my grandsons for now. ‘

My daughter has a blog called “It’s the Little Things.” It’s the little things in life that make up a life. And in this case, it’s those two little guys that make a whole lot of joy and love in mine and for that, I am very thankful.

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