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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sparrows-Thankful Day 18

I don’t remember how I came to be the owner of a bird feeder. I was never the bird watching “type.” In fact, I used to think that people who watched birds must not have brains much bigger than a bird’s because I would see them dressed in camo and earthy tones out in the woods during deer hunting season as if they were just asking to be shot  I believe that a homeschooling project of some makeshift bird feeders-pine cones, peanut butter, and bird seed hung strategically in a tree outside our patio doors was what prompted me to want a bird feeder. The birds just captivated my attention.

We have many different types of birds that come to the feeder. There are the mouthy, brash, loud, pushy blue jays. Then there are the delicately adorned chickadees, nuthatches, and woodpeckers. My favorite, the proud and beautiful cardinal always come in pairs, a male and a female together. Then there are the masses, the many different kinds of sparrows, wrens and starlings. They all just kind of melt together because although beautiful in their own way individually, together they just look like a big mob.

Of all the birds that God could have used in the Bible to describe his care of mankind, he didn’t pick the blue jay who loudly proclaims with his screeching voice all the bird news for the day.  He didn’t choose the delicate and humble chickadee with it’s subtle beauty that causes it to catch your eye.  He didn’t choose the proud and stately cardinal who is not pushy but knows how to assert itself at the feeder. No, he chose the common, plain sparrow-those skittish, nervous types.

Probably if I was God looking down on the earth, all this humanity would just seem like a big mob, blobbing up the earth. But scripture tells us that God knows when even one of those sparrows falls to the earth. If the sparrows had names, and maybe they do in heaven, when one fell, God would know that Fred, Martha, or Alex had fallen to the ground. That is how meticulous God is in knowing and caring for his creation. I don’t have to be a Blue Jay or a Cardinal to catch God’s eye or his approval. That’s good because in the grand scheme of things I am barely a noticeable blip on the radar screen. I am part of that blob of humanity that is just like everyone else. There is nothing about me that would naturally stand out to God or others.

The Bible then goes on to say that God knows us down to the number of hairs on our head.  Imagine how much He cares for us beyond even His care for the sparrows of the earth! That’s pretty remarkable and amazing. God knows over 6 BILLION people by name and knows how many hairs each one has on their head! That is the God that is my shepherd, the one who watches over me with His mighty right arm, the one who goes to battle for me, the one who provides all my needs and hears all my prayers! He is a mighty God!

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