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Monday, November 24, 2014

Music-Thankful Day 14

I love music. I don’t walk around all day with earbuds pumping tunes in my ears, but I do love music.  I love to play and sing and listen to good music.  I love music with and without words. I believe that music was originally invented and inspired by God to worship Him, so God must like music too. It says that we will sing in heaven. They wrote and sang song in the temple in the Old Testament as well.

At my job people talk to me all day. By the end of some days I don’t want one more person to ask me for one more thing. I don’t want them to talk to me either. Funny though, I don’t mind to listen to music.  It’s soothing. Even though it is words, words set to music is different somehow.

The Word even instructs us to sing and  make melody in our hearts. There’s just nothing so wonderful as waking up with a song in your head.  It just gets your day off to a good start. Music can comfort, encourage and bring joy to a soul. Although there is so much “music”, and I use that term lightly, out there that is quite sickening, that doesn’t change the fact that Godly music is a gift from God and one that I am very thankful for.

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