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Thursday, November 13, 2014

ALL-Thankful Day 13

A very wise, intuitive, thoughtful, funny, spiritual, and extremely handsome man I know once brought to my attention how many times the Bible uses the word “all.”  In the KJV it is used 5,620 times.  That’s more times than the word “love” and “spirit” combined are used.  It’s even more times than the word “God” is used!

I love the “all” of scripture. I am so thankful that God did not put “some” where He put “all.”

Maybe you think that such a little word should not get so much attention, but what would you rather have, “some of God’s promises are yes and amen” or “all of God’s promises are yes and amen?” When speaking of troubles, which would you rather have, “the Lord delivers him out of some” or “the Lord delivers him out of them all?” When it comes to sin and sickness which would you rather have “he forgives some of our sin and heals some of our disease” or “he forgives all our sins and heals all our disease?” Are you getting it yet?

Many I know say they believe “all” the Word of God, but live as if they only believe some. They have let their experience dictate their theology instead of figuring out why their theology and experience don’t line up. I see this mostly with sickness.  The Bible is very clear that healing is part of the atonement.  And God did not say all sickness except certain kinds of cancer or heart disease.  He said “ALL.” I believe that’s what He meant. “But, you say,  so and so had faith and they died anyway. So it must have been God’s will.  We all have to die of something.” Jesus never said that. He didn’t leave Peter’s mother-in-law lay and say “Well, we all have to die of something.” He didn’t tell the  woman with the issue of blood, “Well, you have to go somehow. Why not this? Why not now?” He didn’t decide to leave the widow’s son in his casket because after all, he was already dead so it must have been God’s will. Jesus NEVER denied healing to  anyone who asked in faith. Perhaps the reason that we do not see the “alls” of scripture in our own lives is because we really do not have a proper understanding of faith.

We apply “all” when it comes to salvation because none of us want to part of the “some.” But when it pertains to healing, well, God must not have meant all.  He must have just said that in His excitement over saving all. He just “misspoke” as the politicians say when they lie in public.

Once I got involved in a discussion about God providing food for people. Someone was criticizing God for leaving poor innocent people starving in the Sudan. I disagreed with them. God does not leave people who are looking to Him in faith to starve.  I went on to come across 7 scriptures that supported this idea. The problem is that we receive nothing from God, according to James, unless it comes through faith. When we ask, we must ask in faith, without wavering. We must believe that God meant what He said and that He will do what He said. It doesn’t matter what we see or feel.  It only matters what God said. Granted, this is easier said than done but when we don’t see God’s promises fulfilled in our lives, the problem is not that His Word is untrue or faulty. It’s something in us! And the sooner that we realize and embrace the fact that we’re not all that spiritually, the sooner God can fix us and get His promises to us. God has mercy on whom He will have mercy, but He never ignores true, Biblical faith.  He can’t! Many die and starve, but they are not really looking to God heal. Their “if it be Thy will prayers” are useless. If you want something from God, you first need to know that it’s His will. So how can you pray the will of God in faith if you don’t know what His will is in the first place?  Take some time and determine what His will is. How do you know what it is?  His Word is His will. Find out what scripture says and believe it and expect to receive it. So did those people in Sudan need to die of starvation? I don’t believe so. I believe that if they had been looking to God in faith, He would have provided. He says that He will. Are His promises null and void?  Have they lost their power over time? I sincerely hope not because amidst all the promises that we choose ignore is also the promise of salvation to those who will believe. There are no “special” promises that are greater than the others.

Our receiving anything from God depends on our standing with God. God does not hear the prayer of the wicked. Therefore all they receive from God is His sovereign mercy.  However, the child of God receives not only God’s mercy, but His blessing. He hears our prayers.  He sees where our faith is and responds accordingly. Sometimes what we get from God is not His full promise but that is not because the promise is faulty. God can only work within our level of faith. Increase you faith and what you receive from God will increase as well. Jesus spoke very plainly about this. Read His Words.

So where are you today? Are you in need? What does the Bible say about that need? Are you troubled? God promises to deliver you out of them all! Are you needing healing?  He sent His Word and healed all our diseases. Are you afraid? God will deliver you out of all your fears! Are you feeling condemned? God will save all who call upon his name in faith.

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