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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weighty Words

As I got to work this morning, I jumped out of my truck, grabbed my backpack and slung it over my shoulder.  I slung it so hard, it almost went flying off my shoulder.  It was so light!  Then I remembered that I had taken my Bible out that morning which made my backpack almost weightless.  "Wow, I thought, those are some weighty words."

I guess that is true in more than one sense.  Most Bibles, if written in a font that you can actually see, are rather weighty just because of the large amount of words contained in them.    

The words of the Bible can weigh heavy upon a man's heart, so heavy in fact that they can bring a him to his knees in conviction and surrender.

The words of the Bible, after bringing salvation, can completely renovate a man's lifestyle and practices.

The words of the Bible are joy unspeakable and full or glory.  Joy and glory so weighty and abundant that a heart cannot contain all that is found in it.

The words of the Bible are life and power on the tongue of any believer. Faith filled words can sway the heavens and affect their circumstances here on earth.

The words of the Bible are a shield against the forces of evil and are able to deflect even the most sinister attack and render an enemy powerless.

Yes, the words of the Bible are weighty words. Heavy, full, abundant, glory filled words and oh, how I love them!

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