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Monday, June 23, 2014

A Morning Song

“Great is Thy faithfulness, great is Thy faithfulness  Morning by morning new mercies I see  All I have needed Thy hand has provided  Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me” 

 I woke this morning with these words in my head.  I haven’t sung that song in ages!  I can only believe that the Lord put it there as a reminder for the day.  I love it when He gives me something to meditate on for the day.  As I came to the end of the chorus, the first verse popped into my mind so I sang it.  Then the second, and the third verse too!
“Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father  
There is no shadow of turning with thee  
Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not  
As thou hast been, Thou forever will be”     

“Summer and winter and springtime and harvest  
Sun, moon and stars in their courses above 
 Join with all nature in manifold witness  
To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love”    

 “Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth  
Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide  
Strength for today and glad hope for tomorrow 
 Blessings all mine and ten thousand besides”  

  It reminds me that God is just faithful…..He’s FAITHFUL!  

He is completely dependable, devoted, steadfast, enduring, unchanging, unswerving, unwavering and true!    Always, at every moment, in every situation, in every trial, in every joy, in every sorrow, in every second of every day of my past, present and future, He’s faithful!   

Even when I don’t recognize or acknowledge His faithfulness, He’s faithful!     

Even when I'm unfaithful, He's faithful! 

 Even when things are really, really hard and I can’t seem to find His faithfulness, He’s faithful!  

 Even when I don’t understand the why, how, or when(s) of life, He’s faithful!   

 Even in death, He is faithful!    He is faithful.  He is FAITHFUL!   HE IS FAITHFUL! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

NO! It Will Never Be Right!

There is subtle thing that is taking place in our country.  No longer do we base what we believe on what God has said.  Instead we base what we believe on what seems logical, reasonable or normal to us.  In light of this, those that would want to bring their cause into the realm of accepted normalcy constantly bombard us with their agenda, bully us when we resist, hate us when we are not accepting of their diversity (even though the diversity chant is their anthem), and eventually weary us with their manipulation to the point that we are so sick of hearing it, that we just relent and give in. 

This is exactly what the homosexuals have done and it appears to be working.  But the homosexual agenda is not what this blog is about even though that practice has not nor never will be right, moral, or accepted by God or Bible believing Christians.  Nuff said!

I do think that liberals has employed this strategy to try to either weary us or numb us to the point that when 2016 rolls around, we will resort to our regular voting practices and they will prevail.  Every day we faced with another scandalous occurrence that they or our President have been directly responsible for.  I honestly think that they are just airing all their dirty laundry and getting the news media to treat it as if it’s no big deal and a normal occurrence (which, unfortunately, it seems to be) to wear us down so that when the 2016 elections come around, we will just be numb and thinking “Oh, that’s just what liberals do” and forget about it when we go to the polls. 

I’m just here to say:

Trading 5 terrorists for one soldier whose father is a terrorist sympathizer and whose own honor is questionable at this point  is not right!  I’m glad we got our boy back, but as usual, there are political undertones that make it smell rather badly!  What about Pastor Saeed?  It’s true the international community has done more to get him freed than our President  or our Secretary of State has. 

Leaving a good Marine rotting in a jail for a simple, honest mistake and then visiting Mexico (Yes, I’m talking about YOU John Kerry) without even mentioning the boy is wrong!  I propose that we trade Barak, Nancy, Hillary, Rohm and Harry for that young man-and we’ll throw Michelle in as a bonus. 

Taking a meal away from our soldiers overseas  because of budget concerns while Michelle traipses all around the country eating every exotic, expensive food on our dime and while her “healthy eating” programs are causing massive food waste in public school districts all over the country is not right!  In fact, it’s a travesty!  She ought to practice what she preaches!  And we ought to feed our soldiers as much as they want or need!

Lying to the country over and over and over and over and over again is not right! How’s that Obamacare working for you now, eh?  Has his tax reforms leveled your playing field or are you even more strapped than ever as his taxes and policies drive prices skyward?  Pay attention!  Remember! Vote the liars out in November!

Bowing out of the National Prayer Breakfast is not right Barak, not when you host the Muslims and speak of the holy Prophet Muhammad.  If you claim to be Christian, then be Christian.  Prayer is the highest privilege that a Christian has!  Why would you, a church attending Christian, want to miss it?  Of course, I do understand your fear of lightning because believe me if I was God…well you catch my drift.

Using the IRS to target groups simply exercising their freedoms bought and paid for by the aforementioned servicemen because they threaten your political agenda is not right!  We do not have an Emperor.  He cannot dictate what we say-legally that is.

The list could go on and on and on!  I’m just saying that not all Americans have fallen under the B.O. (yes, it sure does stink!) spell!  Some of us don’t care that he is black.  What we do care about is that he lies over and over and over again, that his agenda seems to be the destruction of our way of life, and he has no qualms about allowing Americans to die both here and abroad, especially if it benefits him personally.   He never seems to know what’s going on to the point where I wonder who is in charge in Washington, DC and if he ever knows what’s going on in the world?  There are some things that have never have been, are not and never will be right!  And if we claim that we love or country, then we must stand up and call them on all the scandals, the lies, the dereliction of duty, the self-serving legislation and empirical orders!

There, that is my political rant for the month!