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Monday, May 19, 2014


I am still in anniversary mode I guess.  It's not that it was such a big event or anything to anyone but us, but my husband did put on dress clothes to go out to dinner which he rarely does.  (Outback Steak House does not require dressy clothes! LOL)  I can't tell you the number of times people have commented on the relationship that my husband and I have when we are out to dinner.  It's as if it is somehow abnormal which I think is a shame because really, being affectionate and obviously enjoying one another should be normal in a marriage.  It is very troubling that when people see a couple in love being "normal" that they think it is abnormal.  

One thing that has kept our marriage alive is that we don't wait until May 15th to celebrate our relationship.  We find time weekly to steal away somewhere just to spend an hour or two alone with each other.  It may be out to dinner, to the shooting range, to Barnes and Noble for cheesecake, or just to the McDonald's parking lot where we gobble down a hot fudge sundae.  Our kids have not understood at times, but we have always tried to make sure that they know that our marriage is important to us and that we must maintain it.  (And quite honestly it's necessary to survive parenthood and have something left when the all consuming part of parenting is done!)  Over the years, I've seen this knowledge bring a certain amount of stability to their lives because it has helped us to stay stable, connected and on the same page.  

Love is always worth celebrating.  There is so little of it in the world.  Take time to celebrate!  

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