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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Unless I Win The Lottery, Get A Big Book Deal, Or The Lord Returns

Every night when my co-workers and I leave for the evening they all call over their cube walls, "see you tomorrow", or "let's do this again tomorrow", or something to that effect.  One of them always says "have a wondrous evening."  Every night my reply is the same.  "Okay, unless I win the lottery, get a big book deal or the Lord returns.  Then I'm out of here!"  You can imagine the responses I get since none of my co-workers know the Lord in a personal way.  I think they give me some license because they know my husband is a minister so it would be "natural" for me to mention the Lord every now and then, but my evening greeting always gets perplexed looks and faces full of consternation.  

Some have commented betting that the book deal is the most likely since they know I don't play the lottery and they seriously doubt the Lord's return is any time soon...if ever! One always say "well, then I'll definitely see you tomorrow."  I have come to realize that they don't really like thinking about the Lord's return.  That is plainly evident.  They are like the scoffers that scripture tells us about who say "Where is the promise of His coming?  For ever since the Fathers fell asleep, all continues as it was from the beginning of creation."  And I often think about how they will react if, when the Lord does return, it is in the evening.  What will be their reaction when I don't show up to work?  And I wonder, will my words haunt them?  Will all the things I have said about scripture come back and prick them?  I pray they haunt them now!

Of all three of those options, the most probable and the most wondrous will be the Lord's return.  Of those three things, one of them is SURE.  Jesus IS coming again!  He said He was.  He has never lied, not once.  The New Testament is full of references to the coming of the Lord!  And we are closer at this very moment than we have ever been.  Some may think that it is far away.  Others, like me, often just stare at the sky expecting that at any moment the trumpet will sound and I will have my first solo flight!  But one thing is certain.  It WILL happen! We are heading to that point in time when it is appointed for the Lord to take His church unto Himself!  

I love thinking of what it would be like...to be the only generation that never died, to be suddenly transformed into a being that can go through wood and roofing without getting a scratch (we will have to be changed or we will all enter heaven with concussions), to enter the gates of heaven and see it in all of it's splendor, to be perfected spirit, soul and body!  But most of all to behold Christ in all of His glory, to worship before Him in perfected praise, and to have the full realization of the wondrous truth of the gospel of salvation that our finite minds can never fully comprehend while we are still on the earth. 

I pray for my co-workers.  That they would come to see the futility of the lives they are living now.  That they, like me, would be able to look ahead to this most wondrous event and bank their lives upon its reality.  

And now it's time for me to go to sleep.  I will return another time to "moos" about something else unless...I win the lottery, get a big book deal, or the Lord Returns!  "Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!"

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