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Friday, March 15, 2013

Bird Lessons

Two years ago, my family bought me a bird feeder for my birthday.  I hung it on a tree that overhangs the deck off of my kitchen.  I used to be one that made fun of birdwatchers so I was surprised at how fun they are to observe.

Last year I noticed that a certain bird kept returning to the feeder.  I knew it was the same bird because he had a "wanger feather", a bent  feather that stuck out from his body.  He looked much like my son when he gets out of bed in the morning!  He was a common sparrow, plain and uninteresting looking but because he was a regular at the feeder we named him "Max" mostly because his plump body reminded us of a relative.  (I don't think he reads my blog!) :-)

Normally I don't pay much attention to the plainer, more common birds.  My attention gets captured when a flash of red or vibrant blue flies by the door.  Those are not rare colors but usually are an indication that something a little out of the ordinary has come to dine.  It may be a pair of cardinals, a noisy blue jay, or a woodpecker.  One day I was totally delighted by a red breasted grosbeak.  Then there are the juncos with their subtle but classy grey and white or a variety of finches whose markings are pleasantly distinctive.

And now, there was plain, plump, neutral colored Max!    He had captured my heart.

One day my daughter asked me "Why did God make those birds so ugly?"  The Lord spoke the response to me.  "They aren't ugly to me."

Are not two sparrows sold for a cent?  And yet, not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father...So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.  Matthew 10:29,31

Perhaps the reason that God chose the lowly sparrow in this passage instead of the majestic eagle or the faithful dove is to remind us of a few things:

~We are like the sparrow.  Common, plentiful, plain.  All stained with sin.  Yet, God knows us, even down to the number of hairs on our heads at any given time.  No matter how much we think we blend in, no matter how insignificant we feel we are, God knows our name.  He made us.  ALL God's creation is fearfully and wonderfully made and loved equally by Him.

~Sometimes we look past the plain and ordinary people of our world to the more obvious beauty around us, forgetting that in reality we are all on level ground.  It is true that there are some more flamboyant, more vocal, and seemingly more talented than others that divert our attention and affections, but God's love remains the same.  Just as my feeder feeds all the birds, the common and the uncommon, the finely groomed and the ruffled feather, God cares for and provides the needs of all that come His table.

"Are not five sparrows sold for two cents?  Yet, not one of them is forgotten before God."  Luke 12:6



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  1. It's always comforting to know we're not forgotten. I enjoy watching the birds! Just recently I identified some juncos myself. Chickadees are my favorites, because I love the song they sing. Also the colors in the female cardinals -- understated elegance, imo!