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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Without Excuse

I used to think it was big accomplishment to read the Bible through in a year.  But after hearing these statistics from a friend, I am totally convicted.  He received an audio Bible as a Christmas gift.  Based on the number of minutes it takes to listen to the Bible at a moderate reading speed such as used in audio Bibles and the number of words contained in the Bible, reading the Bible though in a year is really not a difficult task.  In fact, it is possible with a modest amount of reading to read the bible multiple times a year.  
  • The Bible contains about 789,000 words, give or take depending on your translation
  • The Harry Potter series contains contains approx. 1,084,000 words
  • The Twilight Series contains approx. 520,000 words
This means that in the time in takes a 14 girl to read through the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series, she (or I) could have read through the Bible cover to cover twice.  

If you read the Bible just one hour a day for 6 days a week, in one year you can easily read through the bible FOUR TIMES!    

I've heard every excuse under the sun, but the most common is that you can't read through the Bible without stopping to study it.  That is true for most people.  But consider this.  If you wanted to truly study something, like a textbook with exhaustive history and facts on a certain subject, would you just pick and choose which chapter you would read or would you read the book all the way through and then go back and focus on the sections that interested you?  Why not do the same with the Bible.  If you can read the Bible 4 times in a year just by reading it 6 hours a week, why not take the first 11.8 weeks and just read from cover to cover to get the exhaustive view and then spend the rest of the year studying it book by book, chapter by chapter or verse by verse?  Wouldn't it make more sense to get a complete picture of God's plan for mankind from the beginning of time to the end of time before focusing on specific epochs of time?  Wouldn't this epoch of time in which we live make much more sense in the context of how and where it fits into the entire plan of God?  

Where are you going to find an hour a day to read the Bible?  Try doing it during a t.v. show you usually watch, or that just before bed reading time, or the time you spend doing a hobby, working out-"it profits little",  or talking on the phone, or reading blogs on the computer, or "fleshbooking" (oops, I mean Facebooking), or shopping (imagine how much money you would save!).  LOL!   Most of us waste at least an hour a day on something of no eternal value whatsoever!  It's a matter of priority!  It's a matter of what you really think about the Word of God and what you believe the Word can and will do in your life.  If the Word is life, wouldn't it be natural to want as much "life" as possible coming into your being?  Shouldn't a Christian hunger and thirst for the Word?  Shouldn't the Bible provide ALL pertaining to life and godliness for the Christian?  How much godliness are you desiring?  What are you willing do give up or change to get it? How much investment are you willing to make?

Just something to think about!

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