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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things That I Enjoy

The Nittany Lion and Sneezey, the Penn State Squirrel have both been speaking of their favorite things lately so I decided to make my own list.  (Not in order of preference, mind you!)  What are your favorite things?

~Having a day every now and then to sleep in until after the sun comes up
~Watching my husband's face slowly crinkle up on one side when he is smiling
~Staying in the shower until all the hot water is gone
~The quiet in my house when everyone is sleeping
~The antics of the birds every morning at the feeder
~Cinnamon tea
~Watching my kid's expressions when they open a gift at Christmas that wasn't on their list
~The aroma of Downey that unfolds with my clothes when I pull them out of my dresser
~the landmark reminders chronicled in the margins of my Bible
~napping with a cool gentle breeze blowing across the bed in the spring and summer
~Hot chocolate or Chai tea made with milk instead of water
~a mushroom & swiss cheese burger from Garfields (my new favorite)
~spending time with my kids and grandson
~doing things for others without them knowing it was me
~purple peonies and daisy bouquets
~getting snail mail that's addressed to me from somewhere other than the principal's office at the high school!
~being inspired
~Throwing a few down range
~listening to my husband of few words talk about something that excites him
~giving money to missions especially when I know it is going to people who have never heard the gospel
~watching babies being born
~eating the fresh produce of the summer harvest
~learning something new
~foot massages
~an ipod that can hold the whole New Testament PLUS sermons and music
~true, blue, I know you and still love you kind of friends
~the revelation and enlightening of the Holy Spirit as I read the Word especially when it just slaps me in the face and reminds that I'm not all that smart
~MY church people
~roller coaster rides
~sitting on the back deck with some sweet tea and a good book (even if it's cold enough to need a blanket)
~taking photographs
~listening to the sound of laughter
~tinkering on the piano
~knitting for charity
~beautiful sunsets/sunrises/ and landscapes
~and of course...blogging!

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