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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sometimes The Small Things Mean So Much

On Friday, I spent about an hour in Psalms.  I'm noticing that the Psalms are often written in bunches that all address the same idea.  I happened to be in the 70's-90's which talk a lot about the presence of the Lord that is with His people.  After reading I prayed and ask the Lord to help me to be mindful all day of His presence and the pleasure He finds in being with me.  (This I still do not fully comprehend.  An almighty God finding pleasure in my company.  His great love can be the only explanation.)

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a little ornery, in a fun loving kind of way.  It's not unusual to have soft objects flying around the living room when we are all sitting there together whether it be the pom-pom balls or the soft plastic balls from my grandson's toys, marshmallows that will never find their way into a cup of hot chocolate, or even a stray M&M or two.  We've kind of calmed down from the no holds barred-hide behind furniture- Nerf gun battles we used to have.

So I can appreciate a little fun loving ornery-ness coming my way from others.  As I walked from the bus stop to the building where I work, I thanked God that the wind was not blowing that day.  Usually I have a stiff, chilly headwind to contend with.  Just as I crossed the street and started up the sidewalk to my office a clump of snow fell from a tree and hit me squarely on top of the head.  As I looked up to see what had caused it, I just felt a little tickle inside, like I do when our family is all together in the living room throwing things when others are not looking and it reminded me of my prayer that morning. I just knew then that God was letting me know that He had heard and answered my prayer and I spent the day basking in His presence and pleasure, just as I had asked.

This may seem silly to you, but it was very real to me.  I find that God often communicates and interacts with me in a way that I can totally identify with.  He did create me so that we could have fellowship with one another.  He is perfectly capable and willing to relate to me in such a way that makes perfect sense to me. After all, my personality was His idea!   It was a small, silly clump of snow but it meant so much to me because it came from His hand just to remind me that He was pleased to be with me.

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