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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The "Gift"??? of Cancer?

I read a blog this morning that just made my blood boil.  First let me say that the point of this is not to vent or rant or criticize.  It is to establish truth!  Secondly let me clarify that  I totally agree and confirm that God can use ANYTHING, if we are willing, to draw us unto Himself.   Thirdly, this did not move me so much that I had to respond because I laid in bed all day yesterday with a fever of 103 and did not feel for one moment that it was a gift from God!

I've heard so many "Christian" explanations of why there is sickness.  Unfortunately, many of them cannot be proved in scripture.  But NO WHERE IN SCRIPTURE DOES IT SAY THAT GOD GIVES SICKNESS!  DID YOU HEAR THIS?  


Let's just look at this from a common sense perspective.  When is sickness first recorded?  After sin has entered the world.  There is no mention of sickness before there was sin.  Therefore, it is reasonable to deduct that sickness is a result of sin. (Scripture clearly tells us this as well!)   I'm not saying it's a result of personal sin, although that can be the case, but sickness came with sin and when man allowed sin into his life, he also allowed sickness.  The very origin of sin and sickness is the devil.  It is evil and contrary to the very nature of God!  God's desire for us is peace, rest, joy, prosperity in ALL things, including our health.  In fact He sacrificed His only Son so that "by His stripes" we could be healed!  God is not schizophrenic or maniacal.   He does not inflict us with something just so that He can heal us!  We live in a sinful world so we often suffer the consequences of it, one of those can be sickness.  But God did not send His only Son to die to cure something that is a "gift" from Him!  If sickness is a gift from God, then why do we take medicine to try to get rid of it?  If it's a gift from Him, the accept it, embrace it and let it have its way even if it kills you!  Why fight it?  It's God's "gift" to you!  (Sorry for the sarcasm, but that way of thinking is just stupid!)

In this blog, the woman stated that God gave her Phil. 1:29 as the reason for her cancer.  She felt that she was "suffering for His sake,"  If she had taken a minute and looked that word up in a Bible concordance she would have found that the word used in that passage which was translated "suffer" does not relate to physical sickness, but suffering by the hands of others.  That same word is used to describe the "sufferings" of Christ and Christ certainly was never sick!  Although I'm sure that the passage brought her some comfort, it was false comfort because the verse was totally out of context!  (Can I just put in a plug here for "studying to show yourself approved by the Word...rightly dividing the Word of truth!"   "The chief fundamental of interpretation is to gather from the scriptures themselves the precise meaning the author meant to convey."  F.Dake  We cannot use scripture to operate outside of what the original meaning intended and expect it to work!)

As a result she has submitted to the "sovereignty" of God, as she puts it, not knowing that it is not the sovereign will of God for her to be sick!  Just because we are Christian does not mean that everything that happens to us is from God!!  We have an enemy whose mission is to steal, KILL, and destroy!  What do we do with an enemy?  We fight!  And as Christians we have a greater weapon than any that the devil has to bring against us!  "NO weapon formed against us can prosper..."  Is. 54:17

In Jesus' ministry, He never once denied anyone healing, even Gentiles!  Find me one place where Jesus ever denied anyone healing because He was trying to teach them a lesson.  No!  The lesson was I am Jehovah Rapha (to mend, cure, heal, repair, make whole-no reference to spiritual healing whatsoever!).  Jesus came to destroy the works of the enemy!  That is why He spent the majority of His time healing!  In places where He found faith, He healed EVERYONE that was sick!  In places where there was no faith, He COULD NOT heal, but not because He didn't want to heal.  He healed what He could!  When praying for the sick, He identified the causes of sickness.  For some, he said "your sins are forgiven" and they were healed.  For others He rebuked the spirit that was causing the oppression and sickness.  Never once did He identify sickness as a "gift" or as coming from God.  Why would Jesus need to heal something that was from the Father?

Now in order that you don't think that I'm being critical just let me say that I have had some terrible things happen to me.  I had two children brain injured and a third one very banged up in a car accident. That event re-routed our lives forever.  Not for one moment have I ever believed that the accident that left one of my four healthy children handicapped was a gift from God.  In fact, at the scene during one of my fleeting lucid moments the Lord spoke to me that this was an attack of Satan to destroy our ministry!  Had I or my husband accepted that accident as God's sovereign will, when the doctors came out and said that they were giving up on two of the kids, we would have accepted that it was over and they would have died.  Instead, my husband heard Ps. 118:7 "I shall live and not die and proclaim the works of the Lord."  Being a minister, he informed the doctors that he was doing his job (praying) and they needed to get in there and do theirs (saving the lives of our kids).  How could it make sense that it was God's will for them to die at such young ages when God for years had been speaking to me about their futures.  God does not play dirty tricks!

Did I learn through that whole experience?  You bet I did!  Did I draw nearer to God?  Oh, yes, nearer than I had ever been before.  God was more real to me than He had ever been.  That was God's gift to me in the midst of tragedy, but God did not cause the tragedy of the car accident.  That's just part of life.  Stuff happens.  

God's sovereign will does not always happen.  It is not His sovereign will that ANY should perish but millions fall into hell everyday.  Does that mean He loved them less?  Of course not!  God still loves every person in hell today.  The problem is that they didn't love Him.  

God said "my people perish due to lack of knowledge".  Knowledge of what?  His will!  If you don't know the will of God, you cannot pray that will in faith, therefore you cannot receive His will in your life.   In 1 Corinthians 11, the Apostle Paul warns of taking communion unworthily.  "For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep."  In other words, By not discerning the Lord's body, that by His stripes we were and are healed, some of you are sick and dying early!  "If one does not want to be sickly and die prematurely, then let him have faith in the healing which was provided by Christ as well as forgiveness and other blessings.  Nothing will be impossible with such faith." F. Dake

Take some time and search your Bible and see how many times salvation and healing are lumped together!  Folks, the blood of Christ was for our sin, the stripes were for our healing!  It's a two-part atonement!  Both are received by faith.  Both can be had.  It's just as easy for God to heal you as it is for Him to save you!  Open your mind, read the scriptures forgetting all you've ever heard or been taught and let the Word speak to you the sovereign will of God.  He wants to save.  He wants to heal.  He's said it over and over again both in the Old Testament and the New!  

And never, never NEVER attribute the work of the devil to God by saying that your sickness is from Him!  What a slap in God's face!  In fact, it's very close to blasphemy!

I sincerely pray that God supplies this woman with the best medical care she can receive and that He will reveal to her His will concerning healing.  If not, she will grace heaven in death, but not having lived to the glory of God and fulfilling His purpose for her on this earth.  And that would be very sad.

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