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Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankful- Day 9 (Family Chaos)

I'm thankful for family.  Yesterday was a birthday so the whole family gathered together to eat and celebrate.  As usual, it was total chaos.  The kitchen was a mess from dinner preparations, the grandson had toys all over the living room and my plastic containers all pulled from the shelf of the pantry onto the floor.  There were 3 conversations going on at once in our tiny living room.  My grandson, who is much like our golden retriever in that he likes to know where everyone is at all times would toddle down the hall yelling "Mimi, Mimi" when I would go to another room.  When I unloaded the dishwasher, he had to help, handing me one dish at a time until they were all put away.  Every time the freezer door would open he would come running yelling "I, I" because he has discovered that ice is fun to eat.  Because I have 3 teenagers there were the usual body noises, the outbursts of laughter, the petty arguing and playful teasing as they attempted to establish themselves in the pecking order.   In general, it was pretty chaotic.  For some, this would be a very disturbing scene but as I looked around the room it struck me that all this was a product of love.  Love between a husband and a wife, a father and a mother, a brother and a sister.  And I thought of the family of God.  They too are a product of love and it's such a great blessing to be a part of it!  To call the God of all the universe "Father" is a blessing beyond imagination!  To have a big brother like Christ is wonderful!  To be part of the largest loving family the world has ever known is incredible!  I am truly blessed and thankful!

Now, I have to go and tackle that kitchen!  LOL!

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