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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful-Day 26 (No Nerves)

I started a temporary part-time job today to make some extra money for Christmas and to get my foot in the door at the local university.  It's very boring work.  About all I do is scan ID's at the cafeteria.  So far, it's only cost me money to work there.  I had to buy 2 pairs of pants and a parking permit.   I think that I may be out the hole by Wednesday!  LOL!   But all things considered, it's a good introduction back into the world or working-for-someone-else.  I've been self-employed for several years now.  It's only 4 hours a day if you don't count the drive to and from the parking lot and the time I wait for and ride the bus to my place of employment on campus.  I have to park clear on the other side of campus!

I have to admit that the touch screen program that I use is still a bit confusing to me but they gave me a radio so that I can yell "HELP" when I get stuck!  And I did!  Several times!  But they asked me back!  So that's a good sign.

As new as all this was, I was very surprised that I wasn't the least bit nervous!  Even when I jammed up the line because I pushed the wrong button on the touch screen and I had about 30 hungry students standing there staring at me with that "you are such a dork" look on their faces.  LOL!  It was really nice to not be nervous.  I haven't figured out if it was all the peace of God or the just the fact that I'm just too old to get embarrassed about most things.  But it sure felt good to be at peace, even in the midst of a totally new and challenging situation.  God is so good!

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