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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful-Day 22 (Early Morning Quiet)


It's early in the morning.  The only thing stirring are the finches flying in and out of the feeder and the noisy blue jays who are increasingly perplexed by the new feeder I have hung up just for them.  They are such bullies, but yet beautiful.  So I strung a slinky on a coat hanger making a round tube and filled it with peanuts in the shell, which they love, so that they would focus on that instead of pushing all the other birds away from the other feeder.  Beyond being tempting, it is also a bit more challenging for them and I delight in watching all the different ways they find to get them out.  I have had many giggle filled mornings watching them navigate it.  Even my husband now lays in the window with me to watch.  (More on that later, after I charge up the battery to my camera!)

I love the early morning.  It's too cold now to grab a hot cup of tea and slip out to the deck in my jammies, so I just grab my Bible or a book and stay snuggled under the covers a little longer and enjoy the peace of no phones, no timers, and no children going "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom...", well you get the picture.  Somehow it just seems in the early morning that everything is as it should be as if night and sleep smooths over all the rough edges of the day before.  The sky is bright with color as the sun comes up over the mountains that I love so much and it bathes everything with a rosy colored hue.  When the sun does peep up from it's place behind the skyline, it causes the frost to glisten as if the yard is full of diamonds.  It's nice to start each day out with something beautiful.

Okay, now it's time to jump into the craziness with both feet!  Dinner is at 2:00!

For my international readers that are not familiar with Thanksgiving, it is a day when we eat way too much!  LOL!  One of our presidents declared a day of thanks as a national holiday to remember our history and those that forged the path that founded our nation and to be thankful to God for blessing this nation the way that He has.  The pilgrims shared a feast with the Indians, thus the tradition of the food.

The menu:
Turkey with stuffing and giblet gravy
Mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes with marshmallows melted on top
cranberry sauce (personally I think this stuff is gross, but hey, it's tradition!)
Green bean casserole
fresh baked rolls
fruit salad
deviled eggs (these are wrongly named because they are heavenly!)
apple dumplings
pumpkin pie
shoofly pie
coffee and an assortment of other beverages (non-alcoholic!)
fun times with family whom we rarely see
Leftovers!  ( I won't have to cook for several days!  I intentionally make extra so that I actually get a holiday after working like a mule on the holiday!  LOL!)

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