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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful-Day 21 (Fullness and Firefighting)

I started this post early in the morning yesterday and here it is today and the post still sits pretty much empty.  So as I sat here reviewing the day yesterday I realized that my day was really, really full.  I had it pretty much planned out beforehand, but as usual all the empty spaces soon became filled with urgent needs that couldn't wait until today.  The time management gurus warn us about waiting to complete tasks til the last minute or getting sucked into other's people's procrastination (commonly referred to as "fires").   I try to heed these things by working at least  a day ahead as much as is humanly possible.  So yesterday I baked 2 pans of apple dumplings, 2 pumpkin pies, and a shoofly pie.  Then I mixed up a mega batch of bread dough for rolls and put it in the refrigerator to rise.  I peeled a huge bag of russet potatoes and put them in cold water on the back deck.  Then I peeled another bag of sweet potatoes.  I made fruit salad and cut up the bread for the stuffing.  That sounds like a lot but I had plotted my plan of attack out so that everything was evenly spaced enough that I could fix dinner and have times of rest along the way.

First thing in the morning I got a call asking me if I would be interested in working a part-time temporary job that starts this Monday!  I said yes.  This required me to have to go out and purchase two pair of pants that are required for this position.  (Seriously I am a dedicated Black Friday boycott-er and didn't want to be out trying to buy pants for work in the madness of this shopping weekend!  I'm spending black Friday at the shooting range!)  That is no easy task as I am very tall and finding pants long enough is a minor miracle.  But I managed to find some fairly quickly but it wasn't something I was planning on doing so my time schedule got a little more scrunched.  (That's partly my fault to because I got distracted by the toy department.  I can't help it!  I'm a Grandma!  And Christmas is coming!)

Then in the midst of the pie making, the appliance repairman called to inform me that my part was in and he would be right over to fix the dishwasher.  This meant that I had to move all of my fixin's to another area in the kitchen which meant 2 messes instead of one.  As he was finishing up the repair and was waiting for me to write him a check, my son called.  He was stranded at a store because they wouldn't take his mac card for payment.  I had transferred money earlier that morning, but the bank had not worked their magic yet to make the money available so I had to call the bank and then call him back.  In the meantime, the oven timer began to ring to inform me that the pies were done and needed removed!  And to add to everything else, my husband chose that same time to be under the table repairing a wobbly leg to insure that Thanksgiving dinner didn't end up on the floor or in someones lap.    (I really didn't mind because he had graciously gone to the church to retrieve an extra table and chairs and then made a butter run as well-something he hates to do!)

Now most people would call that busy but if you've read any of my thoughts on this before, that is not a word that I allow in my vocabulary.  I prefer to look at my life as FULL!  Full of people who need, love and appreciate me.  Full of blessings like automatic dishwashers and ovens that bake delicious goodies for my family.  Full of relatives that we actually want around enough that we're willing to extend our dinner table into the living room in order to accommodate everyone.  Full of the bounty of God's provision.  Yes, sometimes those blessings cause "fires" that demand my immediate attention but oh how lonely life would be if there were never any of them.

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