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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful-Day 19 (God's Provision)

Well, I can tell that Christmas is coming!  It almost seems as if we have an unwritten law that something major goes wrong right before Christmas.  This year, instead of a vehicle (our normal mode of operation), it's the dishwasher.  So here we sit, should we spend half what it would cost us to get a new one on a part or should we just bite the bullet and get a new one.  I've come to the conclusion that dishwashers and garbage disposals are a bad investment.  My garbage disposal hasn't worked in two years.  It just sits there and now backs up into the dishwasher which isn't draining either because it has no power.  So every now and then (about once a day) I get to scoop a couple of gallons of stinky water out of the dishwasher before it runs all over the floor and onto the carpet!  You see, if I run too much rinse water while I'm washing the dishes by hand, that causes the problem.

So added to the fact that I am not currently teaching any piano lessons which usually funds the little we actually do to celebrate the holidays, things are looking a bit dismal on paper.  I saved through the year but more pressing needs always seemed to steal a little here and take a little there and there just isn't much left in my cow can (where I keep the Christmas money) except IOU's from several family members who had fallen on hard times.

Now you're probably thinking that I'm not very thankful today.  NOT TRUE!  You see, in spite of these complications (piddly in the grand scheme of things when I realize that a large portion of the world is starving to death, displaced from their homes, being bombed or laying on a sidewalk somewhere dying because they don't have money to get into hospital-I mean really, us Americans need to get a grip), I know that I will not be without what I need.  God ALWAYS provides what I need, when I need it.  I will never forget a sermon I heard once about Jehovah Jireh-the God who provides.  The word implies that God goes ahead of us and leaves us provision at every point of need so that when we get to that place, our provision is already waiting on us.  What a good Father He is!  I have found this to be true through the years, not just with financial needs either.  He has always provided everything I need no matter if it is financial, emotional, or spiritual and His provision has always been exactly perfect!

You know, Christmas will come and go and soon be forgotten by most but nothing about the reason for the celebration changes!   He is always and will remain unchanging and completely faithful and trustworthy.  The message of peace on earth and good will to mankind (from God) will still ring loudly in my heart as I sit and ponder the miraculous wonder of God incarnate in human flesh.  I mean seriously, that is a mind blower!  And I can rest assured that I will not be in need this Christmas because He is in charge of taking care of me.  It may not be what we usually do this year but if I know anything about my heavenly Father it will be enough.  In fact, it will probably be better in a lot of ways than I could ever imagine!  That's just the way He is!

Just having my family around me with all the chaos that it creates makes any day memorable and I'm sure that after all the festivities are over, the wrapping paper is thrown away, the Christmas tree lights are extinguished and everyone has gone home for the night, when I walk into the kitchen and take a look around at all the dirty dishes,  that part to fix the dishwasher that God provided will seem like the best present of all!  :-)

UPDATE:  11-21-2012  I just got a temporary job for 4 weeks at the local university!   Hmmm.....interesting timing? I don't think so!  God truly is good to those who love Him and put their trust in Him!

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