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Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful-Day 16 (Joy and Laughter)

Life has not been very kind to me in some ways through the years and certainly not very kind to me this week, but I have learned that there is this thing called laughter that truly is good medicine!  Imagine if God had not created us to laugh!  Life would be unbearable without comic relief!  Religion would be torture without the joy that the Holy Spirit brings to us!  Let's face it folks.  There is something funny that can be found in even the gravest of situations that just helps to lighten the load a little.

Of course, being a Christian lends itself to this much more readily because:
-we never face problems alone.  We have the God of all the universe working on our behalf.  He knows the best solution to every one of them!
-this life is temporary and no matter how bad things get, all of the bad things put together are but a blink of an eye compared to the  wonderfulness awaiting us in heaven.

God has placed so many things in my life that make me laugh.
   -three teenagers
   -a husband who just says things in a way that makes me laugh
   -a very silly and cute grandson
   -a dog who seems to have at least one psychotic episode everyday
   -lots of friends (both young and old) that always bring a smile or some funny perspective
   -the goofy things that I observe people doing and saying on a daily basis if I pay attention
I even find the Bible funny!  Not to sound irreverent, but when I read I get mental pictures of things like "their eyeballs stand out with fatness"  or "her belly is as a bushel of wheat" and it makes me giggle.

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