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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful-Day 15 (Providence)

I am thankful for God's providence.  Providence is the manipulation of natural means to achieve a divine purpose.  Sometimes God will just manipulate our natural world so that we end up at the right place at the right time.  That happened to me yesterday.  I "strayed" from my normal course of action concerning something I do quite often, for no apparent reason except that I gave someone involved a choice that I don't normally offer and they took me up on it.  Turns out, it put me in a place that I wouldn't normally have been just at a time when it was important for me to be there.

How many times do we as Christians say to one another "well thank goodness so and so...or things wouldn't have turned out so good"; or "it just so happened that..."   Yesterday I found myself saying "thank God I was there and was able to help."  As one who believes that God goes before me, with me and behind me, is there really such a thing as a coincidence?  Are there really "just so happens?"   Wouldn't it be much more realistic and comforting to know that we live in the providence of God and know that God is "working all things" so that we will be provided for in every situation and even used to by Him to further His kingdom and plan.  That thought just adds a few cups of significance to the recipe of my life and it reminds me just how attentive God is to every detail of my life and is working all things "for my good."  And for that I am thankful!

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