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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful- Day 14 (Grace, Angels, and Driver's Ed)

Today I am thankful for the grace of God!  I don't define grace as just "unmerited favor" that leaves me in a position of thinking that I have the favor of God no matter how I live.  I don't believe that is a full definition.  I believe that the Bible defines grace as unmerited favor from God that enables and empowers us to live above sin and walk in holy living!  Every now and then we are put in a situation where we really find that out, like yesterday!

In the past my kids have taken a two-part driver's education class that is offered by the school.  There is the classroom part where they show you scary movies about car accidents and go through the driver's manual.  Then there is the "in-car" part where they take you on a range and let you drive around, learn to do 3-point turns and to parallel park.  By the time I get them, they have already driven a little.  Due to budget cuts by the state, they started to charge for the in-car training and it was just way out of our budget to pay for it.  Unfortunately I forgot that my son didn't take it so when he got his permit yesterday, I let him drive us home.  The poor boy had never driven anything except a Need for Speed car on playstation so you can imagine how terrifying it was-both for him and for me.  We only ran off the road once, we didn't hit anything and I feel assured that I do not have a yet to be diagnosed heart condition!  LOL!  In spite of how terrified I was in that car with him, the grace of God helped my demeanor to remain calm, encouraging and soft even though inside my common sense was telling me to "jump!"

That's what grace will do.  It will help you remain calm in times when fear would normally take over.  It will help you respond in a Godly way when your flesh is fighting with all it's might to take over.  It will keep you from doing something that you will have to repent of and apologize for later.  And it will help you in those times when you make a bad decision or just plain forgot and end up somewhere that was really not where you should have been.

And also, today, as an added bonus-I am thankful for angels!  They really got a workout yesterday and they didn't fail us!  LOL!

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