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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thankful - Day 13 (Healing)

I am thankful for the healing provided me through the stripes Christ bore.  Healing is a controversial subject, even among church people.  I don't know why.  It's so plain in scripture that healing is part of the atonement but while many freely avail themselves of salvation from sin,  healing is viewed as a subject lost inside the mysterious sovereignty of God.   If you really give the subject a good look-see in scripture you will see that healing is just as easily obtained as salvation through faith in the atoning blood of Christ.

"But, many are not healed!".  I hear this all the time.  Many are not saved either!  That doesn't mean that they couldn't have been or that God didn't want them to be!

 "It's God's sovereign will that so-and-so died.  Look at all the wonderful things that happened as a result."   God's will is revealed through His Word.  If it is His will that all be saved, then it has to be His will that all be healed!  "It is not His will that ANY perish...!)

Am I saying that God wants to heal everyone all the time?  YES!  I am!     The problem does not lie with Him, it lies with us!  Anything we receive from God is by faith!  "Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."  Biblical hope is a sure thing!  If I have faith for something, it is a sure thing, even if that thing is not seen yet.  Even if worldly wisdom or doctors are telling me something different.  But it is true.  Not all are healed but there are reasons, also so plain in scripture, why sometimes healing does not come.  None of them are because God did not want or will it to be so.  Jesus NEVER denied one single person healing that came in faith.  He never told anyone that they were sick because God was teaching them a lesson or that He had a higher purpose in it.  He just healed them to the glory of God.

"Well, we are all healed in heaven."  NO we're not!  We don't need healing in heaven!  Heaven is not healing!  We are changed in heaven!  We have a new body in heaven, one that never did or ever will need healing!  Healing of sickness which is a direct result of the sinful world in which we live, is for the here and now!  It was provided through the atonement because it is a direct result of sin.  There was no sickness until there was sin!  It is the work of the devil, not God!

Even the human body is a testament of God's will to heal.  Our bodies naturally does everything it can to heal itself.  Antiseptics and band-aids do not heal us.  The healing comes from within.

Take an honest look at scripture and see for yourself that healing is yours, it is for today and it is for WHATEVER ails you!  Let the faith building nature of the Word build your faith to believe for healing and health!

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