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Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankful-Day 12 (Al Gore & the Internet)

I'm thankful for Al Gore-because HE "invented" the internet!  LOL!  Truthfully I am thankful for the internet.  With all of it's pitfalls and temptations, it is a remarkable tool.   It helps me keep in better touch with those I care about.   I'm a sanguine.  People are important to me.  The internet lets me share more of my sister's life.  She lives far away!  I've never even been to her house but I can see photos and videos of her crazy turkeys and it makes me feel a little more connected.   It has provided me with many wonderful recipes that my family loves.  It has given me many gift ideas that I can actually afford.  It has let me explore far away places that I can only dream of visiting without having to sit on the hard floor of Barnes and Noble.  I can just curl up on my bed and go anywhere I please.  Maybe this doesn't sound too spiritual, but life's pleasures are also a gift from God who desires us to live in joy here on the earth and to enjoy all the wonderful things He has created and provided us.

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