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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dog Abuse

 Isn't this the saddest sight you've ever seen?  The droopy eyes, the flattened ears which are too weak to stand up, the dry nose.  If she didn't have my son's leg to hold her up, she might just faint dead away from hunger.  All we need is some sad music and we would have promotional spot for the SPCA and PAWS.    If you feel so moved, donations towards her rehabilitation will be gladly received!  LOL!

This is my dog, Zoe, begging.  And that is my son eating a frozen dinner.  Yes, I admit, I took the low road and bought frozen dinners for dinner because I needed something quick and easy.  The kids like them from time to time and we hadn't had any since the mowing season ended.  Evidently Zoe has missed having them too because she tried to convince my son that she was breathing her last breath before dying from starvation.  

And much to her delight, he believed her and gave her some!

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