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Friday, October 5, 2012

One Sure Thing!

"But that's not what( it/you/he/she) said!"

How may times have you heard this statement or uttered it yourself?

We live in a world where almost nothing is what it seems to be.  Products  rarely live up to the advertising.   You can almost bet that if the package says "as seen on t.v." it will disapoint! 

People live schizophrenic lives acting one way at home, another way at work, and still another way at church.  I was shocked a few years ago to discover my childhood next door neighbor on Megan's List!  Who knew?  Apparently not me!

 Clothing sizes seem to fluctuate with every passing fashion trend.  What was a 12 last year is now a 14.  Where an XL used to be a size 12-14, now it's an 18-20.   It's so confusing.

In America, the news media no longer presents an unbiased view of the day's events.  You really can't believe anything they say anymore.  Magazine photographs are manipulated by computers to appear as something completely misrepresentative of what they are in reality.  We now have sound bites that make everything a person says out of context.

 Even my mower gives me false information.  If I set the deck to cut at 3 inches, it cuts at 2.5 inches.  I always have to set it a half inch higher than what I really want it to cut. 

With all the information that I filter through my brain in a day I find myself being very tentative to classify most of it as "truth".  In fact, as I've grown older I really have to watch that I don't become cynical.  I rarely take anything at face value anymore because experience has taught me that I most likely shouldn't.  People's opinions and perceptions are often colored by mis-information that they received and prove to be unreliable.

Even in ministry, I give people the benefit of the doubt but experience has taught me that at any moment the praise or appreciation flowing from them today could be disdain and criticism tomorrow.  People are fickle.

HOWEVER....in this world of smoke screens and masks there is ONE THING that IS just what it says,  God's Word. 

God's Word will never mis-lead, mis-inform or misrepresent itself.  In fact, if we are full of God's Word, it will even help expose the misinformation that we receive from the world everyday. 

Government officials whose job it is to identify counterfeit money do not study the counterfeits.  There are just too many of them.  It would be a never-ending process.  Instead they study real money, learning every intricate detail so that when they see a counterfeit they instantly recognize that it is false.

I like the simplicity of this.  God's Word deals with every aspect of life we will encounter.  He's left nothing out.  So if we are full of His Word we will quickly recognize the false and be kept from the deceptions of this world.  I like the idea of being full of truth! Truth is pure. Truth is always true!  It provides a firm foundation, a stability to life.  This is one thing that experience has taught me-God's Word is always true, always right, always the same.  It can be trusted.  It feels so good to have something in this crazy world that I can just throw myself on and know that it will always catch, hold, secure and protect me.  It's the real McCoy, the genuine article.  It is the TRUTH!

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