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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh My! I Forgot My Cell Phone!

On the way to a friend's house one Friday evening I realized that I had left my cell phone at home.  Instantly I had a momentary attack of panic.  Of all the times I would want to have a phone, traveling to her house is one of them.  You see, my friend lives 45 minutes out of town.  Once you leave the interstate you drive for miles and miles through the country with few houses or businesses along the way.  Then you turn onto a mountain road and drive what seems like forever winding up and up.  About 10 minutes before you reach her house you pass these signs and the road becomes dirt and gravel and rock bordered on one side by a ditch created when the road was cut out of the mountain  and the steeply sloping mountainside on the other.  It's just scary! 

Not to mention that there are a lot of these in the area, one which is coming regularly to her house to enjoy the leftovers in the trash can from last night's dinner.  I was hoping that he and I were not scheduled to arrive at the same time.   (By the way this is NOT her bear.  I have no desire to photograph hers for real!  She'll have to hire a demented professional for that!) 

Now back to the panic!  Panic is not an emotion I am used to feeling.  I am a very laid back individual and feel that I have a strong enough faith in God's ever present help that there is really no need for panic.  So my panicky feelings took me by surprise and perhaps revealed a bit of Pharisaical pride!

As I got to thinking about it I realized that the thing that really bothered me about not having my cell phone was that I couldn't get instant help in case I needed or wanted it. It had become my security.  If I had a flat or my car broke down, the worst that probably would have happened was that I would have to walk a little ways to find a house or a phone to call for help.  And I did have a firearm with me (thank you Pennsylvania), so if I encountered a wild animal, just the sound of it going off would be enough to scare it away.  I began to feel quite silly and sheepish for being so upset about forgetting my cell phone.  I think that I had forgotten, if only for a momentary minute, somethingone else!  I'm sorry God. 

But in retrospect I had to ask myself a few questions.  Why was I so bothered that I didn't have my cell phone?  When had I grown so dependent on it?  Was this really a safety issue with me for this one occasion or had I developed an entitlement mentality that tells me that I should be able to have what I need or want immediately?  Was I putting more faith in my cell phone than I was the ability and desire of God to get me where I was going safely and on time?  Since when, as a Christian, do I need a safety net other than the mighty arms and gentle hands of God? 

I have lived 3/4 of my life without a cell phone.  And I'm still breathing!!!  I raised 4 children, most of the time without a cell phone!  I've had break downs, flat tires and even medical emergencies-all having been resolved without a cell phone! I lived several months separated from family and my husband without a cell phone!  I went through 3 years of college hundreds of miles from home without a cell phone!  I've faced situations where my safety was threatened without a cell phone.  The human race has survived all this time without a cell phone!  I CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT A CELL PHONE!

You know what's really stupid about this whole thing?  Once I reach this point in the road

Where these are living

There's no cell phone service anyway!  Isn't that just stupid?  LOL!

But God is "my ever present help in the time of need."  In fact He is my ever present.  And He doesn't need charged!  And I don't have to pay for His time every month!  I don't even need to know His phone number because God doesn't have a cell phone either!  Thank you Lord and help me not forget or put my trust in anything other than YOU ever again!


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