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Saturday, October 13, 2012

It Was A Rootin' Tootin' Time!

Several weeks ago we traveled to a gun shop (you're shocked, I know) to buy some pistol primers.  While there we saw an advertisement for the Keystone Cowboys' upcoming match at the local fair grounds.  Thinking that our daughter, who likes all things country and who doesn't get out much, would like it, we drove over the mountain this afternoon to check it out.  I thought to take my camera!  Eureka!  I hope you can get a sense of what we saw because it was lots of fun even though we don't own a horse, we don't want to own a horse (well, my daughter does but not us.), I've either fallen off or gotten bucked off of every horse I've ever been on, we don't like to dress up as cowboys, horses are hay burners as are dairy cows but at least our cows paid for their hay with milk-but I digress, we just plain don't have time to add this as a hobby right now (much to my daughter's disappointment).  

I was very surprised that "wranglers" as they are called when they compete come in all shapes and sizes.  This is what you'd expect to see.


But there were also quite a few ladies there as well!!  This pretty little lady on the left even had bling for her horse!  See the pretty rhinestone flowers right underneath the ear? And isn't her horse just as exquisite as she is?

As you can see, headgear was a matter of choice.  Considering my record with horses, I'd opt for the crash helmet!  LOL!

 The lady above was all business while some of the others just seemed to trot through their pattern.  I guess it had to do with how well trained the horses had their riders or how well trained the riders had their horses.  I think it was a combination of both!
This lovely lady in blue just had style going on!  I love the design on her chaps!  You go girl!

This lady had been around the course a few times.  I didn't catch it with my camera, but her pig tails (and her skirt) flapped wildly in the air as she pushed her steed to the limit.

As you can see, there was a lot of pink there.  Not
only do they ride, they also support breast cancer awareness.

I really like it that even the horse above wore pink ribbons in the mane!  I'm starting to think that maybe horses aren't so bad after all.

There were some older competitors too.  I think the oldest one was 76 years old! And there was this guy.  Can you believe that he wears white to these competitions?  Honestly, I admire his wife!

And then there was the younger crowd!

Isn't she just the cutest?  She's riding her Daddy's horse.  I don't know if she was guiding the horse or if the horse was guiding her though.  And no, she didn't shoot a gun.  She just ran the horse through the pattern for time and air gunned (which most kids would call pretend shooting with her thumb and forefinger and under the watchful eye of a range officer).

 Then there was the just plain serious types.  It was hard to get his photo because I'm inexperienced and he was just plain fast!  In fact it was hard to get any photos.  I had to keep wiping the dust off my lense, the auto focus just can't focus that fast, and I really didn't know what I was doing!  I'm very much a want-to-be photographer.  LOL!

At one point I honestly had to ask myself how do the horses feel about all this ripping and tearing and turning on a dime.  I think this horse's expression about says it all!

Here are my favorite shots of the day.  Primitive I know, but I just like them!

 I think he might have missed this shot!

Can you see the busted balloon in the air?  Isn't that cool? 

I like how the dust and smoke are in this photo. 

This is from the balloon's perspective!  LOL! 

I have to admit that the favorite part of the day, outside of being with my hubby and daughter, was meeting this little hunk of sweetness and gentile horse flesh (only a southerner knows how to spell that word).  Her name is Bea and she and I became fast friends as I rubbed her head while chatting with her wrangler about scoring, strategy, traveling, guns, black powder pistols and such.
Isn't she the cutest?

So if you're looking for something to do, you own a horse and you like to shoot guns at balloons, I recommend Cowboy Mounted Shooting.  It looks like it's a hoot and you'll meet some very nice people along the way.  

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