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Monday, September 24, 2012

God Gave

Something that I don't mention too often is that I have two sons, neither of which is serving the Lord wholeheartedly.  They are "good" boys.  They don't give us much trouble.  We have fun when we are together.  They are pretty trustworthy and generous and just plain entertaining.  And they are starting to display positive attributes of manhood.

But quite honestly, sometimes the fact that they are not walking with God is almost more than I feel I can bear.  As any good mother, I love my sons with a love that can only be described as fierce.  These are the first of our four children that have not accepted Christ and wholeheartedly committed to Him at a young age. Although they have been taught the dangers of living without God, they, like most teens in their generation think that they have time, that they are invincible, and that they know better.  The thought of something happening to them often flits across my mind and it causes me to cry out for merciful protection until they come to know and serve Him.  I am so thankful for all the verses in the Bible concerning our seed.  It is those verses that calm my heart when the devil tries to make me doubt and fear.  You see God made those promises to the righteous and He will honor His promises to me as a believer and will bring my sons to him.  I just wish it was a faster process than it's proven to be.

So, needless to say, they are very often the subject of my prayers.

When they were little I used to tell them that they needed to serve the Lord so that we could all be in heaven together.  The thought of heaven without all my children is very hard to process.  I would be willing to suffer anything if it would be bring them to Christ.

God spoke to me about this this morning.  He knows exactly how I feel.  You see He did suffer.  He suffered the loss of His Son.  God gave up His Son so that my sons could be saved.

As I thought about my sons, how much I love them, how much I desire for them and how hard it would be to lose either one of them, I gained a deeper understanding of what it cost God to provide for their salvation.  God gave up His Son so that I can keep mine.  He killed His Son so that mine might live.  All the curses were laid on His Son so that my sons might be blessed!  If He was willing to do that then and He never changes, then He is willing and able to do it now.   No wonder I (and ALL of my children) will spend eternity at the feet of Jesus in unceasing praise and worship!

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