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Monday, August 20, 2012

A True "Lifestyle Lift"

Almost everyday, someone puts a photo on their Facebook wall of something that is so far outdated that only those considered "old" would know what it is.  Usually I not only know what it is, I either still have one or used one throughout my lifetime.  As I think back to the days where these things were everyday tools, toys or products and I look at what tools, toys and products are available today, I've come to the following conclusion-our society has grown excessively narcissistic.

Come on, honestly, is it a major tragedy if your eye lashes thin with age, or your chin sags a little, or an age spot or two is visible on your face or hands?   Is it truly repulsive that you have a little extra around the middle because you have helped populate the earth by delivering perhaps more than your fair share of children?  Why not have a few wisdom hairs on your head or a whole head full? After all, you probably earned them!  They should be a badge of honor and courage instead of an embarrassment.

Our culture is fixated on reversing something that is going to happen, no matter what we do!  We cannot reverse "the curse" of aging or dying!  Sadly, even Christians are jumping on this band wagon too.  Christian stations that should and could be delivering the gospel message are now peddling health food products and skin lotions and "gospel" exercise programs instead.  T.V. preachers are the most vain, getting face lifts and surgeries to make themselves more desirable to look at.  Perhaps if they would heed what the Bible says about age and the aged, they would actually embrace the stage of life that God has them in and truly be full of wisdom instead of their prosperity cliches and money making schemes.  If they would, we would be seeing an increase in people coming to Jesus and the power of God in our country and the world instead of this fleshy and carnal pandering to a Christian audience gone the way of the world.

Honestly people, we need to get a grip!!!  There are perks in any stage of life!!  Besides, getting older gets us one step closer to our destiny-an eternity in the presence of our God and Savior.  I am looking forward to  some of the changes and the stages that I am quickly approaching.  I do not feel hindered by graying hair and eyebrows or that my skin is a little less taut than it used to be, or that there are jiggles when I walk that I just refuse to fix by buying the latest "Jiggling for Jesus" exercise program!  WE ARE NOT GOING TO LIVE FOREVER IN THIS BODY!!  Thank God!!!  I can't wait to get a gander at my glorified body!  I dream of it!  It will be perfect in every respect!  I won't even have to shop at tall shops to find clothing to cover it!!  Now, THAT'S living!

No wonder people are so messed up.  No matter what they do, they will never be as perfect as all the advertising says we can be.  Why not just realize that God made you the way you are because that's how He likes you to be?  Wouldn't that be so freeing?  Personally I don't want to end up like Michael Jackson did-looking like a Mutant Ninja Turtle and totally unrecognizable from the way God created him.  We need to realize once again that beauty is within.  As one of our students used to say "Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone", that is to say you can't cover up ugliness on the inside by putting beauty on the outside.  Eventually the ugliness will show itself and leak through the surface beauty and reveal the truth of what lies within.  That's so true!

So, in conclusion, instead of paying for a "Lifestyle Lift" that will make you appear younger than you really are and will stretch your skin and pocketbook, why not get a for-real lifestyle lift?  Go into a quiet room, grab your Bible off the shelf, dust it off, sit down, open the pages and READ and READ and READ!  I guarantee that you will get a life lifter like none other you have ever experienced--FOR FREE!  You can get as many as you need whenever you need and they are cumulative.  They just keep building upon each other until you will be so different and so much better that you won't even recognize yourself when you look in the mirror!  And the best benefit is that when old age and death finally catch up to you-and it will-that won't be the end.  It won't have been in vain.  It will catapult you into the next life with a glory and reward that words cannot describe and you will hear the words "Well done, my good and faithful servant.  Enter into my rest."   Now that is a true "Lifestyle Lift"!

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