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Monday, August 6, 2012

Just One Word

A few weeks ago, we had the awesome privilege to eat lunch with a couple who had been part of our campus ministry at Penn State in the early 1990's.  Both were in the engineering program.  She received a bachelor's degree and he received his doctorate.  They've been living in the north central part of the US where he works for a major company that you would recognize if I mentioned it, but because I did not ask their permission to mention them, I will decline to.

My husband and I are college graduates but not in any type of engineering.  We both hold Bachelor's of Science, but quite honestly, we feel more like we have preschool certificates when we sit down and talk with this couple.  Their intellect has always been way above our own as far as science is concerned and probably always will be unless one of us gets struck by lightning and a miracle occurs.

This couple are very dear to our hearts and we were so blessed that they went out of their way to come and visit us while they were relatively close by.   They were a blessing to Pastor, one of those couples that you wish there were more of.

As we sat at lunch, the PhD proceeded to expound on the latest science concerning atoms, and parts of atoms and that's as far as my mind could comprehend except for a few words here and there that sounded vaguely familiar.  Although he went on much farther, I was lost way back at the beginning of the conversation.  As my husband and I thought about the conversation, he brought up a point that totally blew my socks off!  He said, "it has taken man this long to discover this piece of science and there is still so much to discover about His creation but it only took God speaking one word, just A word to create it all."

How awesome and wonderful and powerful is our God!!!

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