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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

JC Penney Would Have Eaten At Chick-Fil-A Today

It's astounding to me that Dan Cathy's comments supporting traditional marriage have caused such a fire storm.  Nothing he said was inflammatory.  He simply said that he supports traditional marriage.  When pushed, he simply said that he supports the Bible's stance on marriage.  After all, God ordained marriage so He is the one who gets to define it!  To be honest, the homosexual community's gripe is not with Christians, Chick Fil-A or right-wingers.  Their gripe is with God himself.

The Bible is clear that those who obey and live according to God's standards will be blessed and those who do not will be cursed.  (I didn't write it!  I'm just telling you what it says!)  That applies to everyone!  God is not discriminatory!

Evidently it also applies to businesses.  When JC Penney first founded his company, he operated his business according to Biblical principles, basically "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."    As a result his business grew into one of the most successful department store chains the world has ever seen.

Here is a little of his background:

J. C. Penney's father was a farmer and unpaid Baptist minister who taught his children to believe in the Golden Rule. Young Penney wanted to be a lawyer but could not afford college tuition. After high school he worked on his father's farm and found employment as a clerk in a local dry goods store. He moved to Colorado, where he opened his own butcher shop, which promptly failed. He went to work in another dry goods store, and after a few years he was offered the job of assistant manager at a Wyoming shop called the Golden Rule Store. The store's name reflected his own philosophy of life, so he believed it was God's will that he take the job.
When the Golden Rule Store proved prosperous, Penney was offered a chance to buy a one-third share in a new store, in Kemmerer, Wyo. The price was $2,000, and he had only $500 in savings, but he signed an I.O.U. for the rest. The Golden Rule Store in Kemmerer opened on 14 Apr 1902, with manager and co-owner Penney living in the attic, and it is now considered the first store in the Penney chain. Within a few years Penney was a partner in three Golden Rule stores, and in 1907 he bought out his partners.
His stores were among the first retailers to offer "one price for all" instead of haggling on almost every sale, and Penney set the price low enough to earn "a fair remuneration and not all the profits the traffic will bear". He instituted a profit-sharing program for store managers, which was later expanded to include all employees. Within seven years he had twenty-two stores, and in 1913 the business was incorporated as J.C. Penney Stores Company, keeping "the Golden Rule" as an informal motto. For many years he oversaw the company's hiring, and explained his philosophy as, "Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I'll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I'll give you a stock clerk". When the owner of his home town dry goods store retired in 1927, Penney bought the Hamilton, Missouri, store where he had first worked, and made it Penney's 500th store.
                                                                                                            NNDB. com

About a year ago, JC Penney abandoned the founder's set of principles and hired a known gay activist as their spokesperson.  They then proceeded to publish both Mother's Day and Father's Day advertisements featuring gay parents playing with their children.  This caused a violent reaction from the public, most of which support more traditional thought.  Here is an excerpt from an article written by the Family Research Council.

 J.C. Penney has lost its way--and in the process, its profits! "Is J.C. Penney trying to become GayC Penney?" ABC News is asking--and so are customers. In the last several months, the company once known for its Christian roots has undergone a radical transformation. It started last year, when J.C. Penney hired Ellen DeGeneres, a vocal proponent of same-sex "marriage," as its spokesperson.
The choice drew fire from several people who thought DeGeneres was a departure from the store's longstanding values. When organizations like American Family Association's One Million Moms complained, J.C. Penney's new president, Michael Francis, stubbornly dug in his heels. On Mothers' Day, the company shocked consumers with a blatant endorsement of homosexuality in an ad that featured two moms. The grassroots protested again. J.C. Penney responded with another same-sex ad for Father's Day. Underneath, the text read, "What makes Dad so cool? He's the swim coach, tent maker, best friend, bike fixer, and hug giver--all rolled into one. Or two."
As Ford Motors will tell you, siding with radical homosexuals has its price. And in J.C. Penney's case, the cost is about $163 million. According to the Wall Street Journal, J.C. Penney's stock "has lost more than a third of its value since a disastrous earnings report in mid-May, when Penney's posted a $163 million loss and said sales fell 20% in the first three months of its fiscal year." CEO Ron Johnson also admitted that Father's Day sales were a bust. "Penney's shares fell 8.8% Tuesday to their lowest level in a year, [and] store traffic was down 10%."
Obviously, the company's far-Left approach is driving away shoppers--and its executives. Michael Francis was fired after just eight months on the job. Whether J.C. Penney will learn from its mistakes is yet to be seen. But its freefall should serve as a warning to other companies who are itching to jump on the same-sex bandwagon. Catering to homosexuals may earn you a pat on the back from the Human Rights Campaign, but in the long term, it's bad business. Americans want corporate neutrality in the culture wars, and when they don't find it, they'll go elsewhere--like my family has done with J.C. Penney. Shoppers are shrewd enough to know that speaking up is important--but sometimes what speaks the loudest is their wallets."

I just don't understand this!!  WHY do corporations feel that they must take a stand and draw a line along the issue of sexual preference??   Wouldn't it make more sense to donate charity dollars to a charity that directly benefits ALL of it's customer base?  There are oodles of charities that money could be given to that wouldn't ostracize any one people group.  Medical research and social programs to benefit the poor who could then maybe afford to shop at their stores would be an excellent choice!  I don't care who or what anyone prefers to sleep with!  It's TOO MUCH INFORMATION and a matter between them and God alone.  Please close the doors of your bedrooms and adopt the motto "what goes on in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom!"

God said that "righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people."  And evidently it is also a reproach to businesses as well.  Perhaps Pepsi, Betty Crocker, Oreo, Gap, Office Depot and all the others who now have decided to support same sex marriage ought to stand up and take notice!

If JC Penney were alive today, he would have eaten at Chick-Fil-A today in support of Biblical values, in support of free enterprise, in support of our first amendment right to have an opinion and to not be bullied by those who disagree, in support of the traditional values that have built this country into the great nation that it is-for now.  He would decry the decisions made by the company that he spent his lifetime building and would certainly recognize that pandering to small, but loud, and divisive minority is bad for business.

JC Penney is often lauded as a great example of how to successfully build a business, I'm sure even by his own executives.  Perhaps instead of making him an idol, they should follow his example instead.  


  1. Totally skewed, misrepresented, and biased article, particularly your use of the terms, "known activist" and "blatant endorsement". Very much like the use of "activist judges" that is used commonly to call out a judge who reaches a verdict that disagrees with your personal set of ideals.

    You are aware that there were humans before there was marriage, aren't you? You are aware that the church sanctified same sex marriage up until the 13th century? You are aware that until the 19th century marriage was a property contract with the woman being the property? Not to mention the many examples of "biblical marriage", which are in direct contradiction to the One Man/One Woman way of thinking (Abijah had 14, David had many wives and concubines, etc.)

    No one is calling out this man on his freedom of speech (although you certainly wouldn't get that from reading the article above). He can have whatever opinion he would like. But when he gives money to known hate groups, as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center (Focus on the Family, and NOM are on that list) it crosses the line of speech and becomes an infringement on people's civil rights. Money, by the way that went to fund groups looking to legalize the murder of homosexuals in Uganda ...somehow crossed the "thou shall not kill" line, huh... But you turn a blind eye to that, and even codify your belief further by making it seem that the corporations listed above are purposefully campaigning against Christianity, when in fact they are doing what any good business person would do, appeal to all markets, not just specialized ones. Yet, when they don't cave to what Christians want, they are somehow slamming your faith (kind of hypocritical of you to slam JC Penny's and others, but lift up Chik-Fil-A as a martyr to your cause). And no, I am not attacking God, or you for that matter, I am speaking out in defense of this segment of God's children that you and your ilk continually rail against and persecute as if you were commanded by God to do so!!

    Nor is this an attack on your religion. You are free to believe whatever you want to believe. But perhaps, by your leave, I will ask you a question in kind. "I just don't understand this!! WHY do religions feel that they must take a stand and draw a line along the issue of sexual preference, and try enact laws that deny their fellow citizens the same civil rights that they enjoy so freely?? Please close the doors of your churches and adopt the motto "what goes on in the church, stays in the church"....you are clearly ignorant of what damage is being caused by your religion which, in my opinion, has of late been no more than thinly veiled bigotry.

    This is what is written, "Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question: “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

    Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”]

    Jesus NEVER spoke one word against homosexuality (not even when he encountered the gladiator), he DID speak of LOVE. There is no love in trying to sway your flock to uphold bigotry. Why not open your minds, your hearts, and your souls as Jesus has commanded and embrace those around you, instead of continually being arrogant about your faith and looking down upon everyone that doesn't share it with you?

  2. 1. The J.C. Penney story—first of all, who cares? Retail stores like Sears and JC Penney have been losing ground for a long time, I think it's a stretch to relate that to same-sex couples in their ads.

    2. Dan Cathy wasn't 'pushed' very hard to make the comments he did, and that's not the basis of the boycott anyway—it's the huge donations he makes to real hate groups who promote very discriminatory and detrimental treatment of homosexuals.

    3. Most Christians DON'T live by the Golden Rule, that's the point! You cannot live and let live, you do not do unto others as you would have done to you — if non-christians don't bow to the pressure and live exactly as you would prescribe, then we can expect to live a life of misery and hiding in the shadows, outside of the law. Somehow I don't think that is what they YOU have done to you.

    4. The paragraph about companies donating to charities that benefit all and leave sexual preference out of it---um, you mean like Dan Cathy? Then they proclaim they don't care who you want to sleep with and it's between you and God—then what are they complaining about? Oh, I get it—it's OK to donate to hate against homosexuals organizations, just not organizations who would grant them basic human rights. And they might even grant you the right to exist as long as you hide it behind closed doors and pretend to be straight. Thanks a lot Christians! Some Golden Rule...

    5. Again—how is it that Christians are being 'bullied' when people protest against your actions, but you can demonstrate, boycott, legislate your personal religious views into laws that affect everyone, and that's perfectly fine? You pat yourselves on the back for boycotting J.C. Penney, but if we boycott Chick-fil-A, we are bullying you?! What hypocrites—if I have the right to boycott an organization I disagree with, I at least support your right to do the same! And again, the boycott is not in protest of Mr. Cathy's opinion, but the fact that he donates large amounts of money to hate organizations—I don't want any portion of my money to be used that way, so I have the right to not eat there, and to urge anyone I know with the same views not to eat there!

    6. Does the 'J' in JC Penney stand for Jesus, sounds like you are worshiping a new idol! He built a successful business like a lot of others, with a whole spectrum of beliefs and non-beliefs—his Christianity is neither here nor there. Richards Sears started a very similar, even more successful company, with no particular religious overtones—so what?

    7. I did kind of like the Gay C Penney idea though, that gave me a chuckle!

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful responses, Anonymous. Unfortunately you have some of your facts wrong. The church of Jesus Christ has NEVER condoned homosexual relationships! There have been many churches that try to identify with Christ but do not, by their actions abide by His principles or His standards, which is what a true "follower" of Christ does. Just because someone labels themself a Christian doesn't mean they really are one. The homosexual community has experienced the wrath of many professing Christians who really have not had the re-birth into Christianity and therefore do not walk in the way of Christianity. I can say that I'm a frog. I can sit on a lily pad and croak all day. I can eat flies, but that doesn't make me a frog. The only way I can be a frog is to have a DNA change.

    I in no way want to deny anyone any good thing. But when political thought or cultures disagree with God's stated principles and commands, then I can know that what they are asking for is not a good thing. The Kingdom of God is not a democracy, it's a theocracy. What He says goes. God does not restrict sexual activity for the reason of punishing or denying anyone any good thing. God has never tried to take anything from anyone. He is only trying to get something better to them. He is the giver of ALL perfect and good gifts. He is completely faithful and right in all of His judgements, therefore there is a reason why He has stated so clearly in His Word and in His actions throughout history that homosexuality is not good for humanity-and that includes all humanity-that includes you. I know this will make you mad, but as I said before, this is His Word, not mine. But I would rather speak the truth to you now and pray that the Holy Spirit will prick you enough that you will honestly seek the will of God in this matter while you still have a chance to see the truth then to have you screaming at me from hell for all eternity for not being genuinally concerned and saying something.

    What you don't understand about Christians is that all of us have been told at some point that we, too, were wrong. We had to face sin in our lives and come to the point of belief and humility to face the fact that we were not living according to God's will. Then by His power to enlighten and strengthen, wash and cleanse we stepped out of sin and into His way of living, and it's by His grace that we can remain there. We can all say that the lives we lived before were "who we were", until God showed us that "who we were" was not in anyway shape or form who He created or had destined us to be. We had been lied to and blinded by the God of this world-the devil. He is a master liar and without the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, we cannot even see the deception. If I saw a blind man walking straight for a cliff, I would be remiss in not calling out to him and warning him of impending destruction. This is why Christ came in the first place-to warn us of impending destruction and to lay out for us the way to avoid it. It was for ALL people for we are ALL born sinners. Sin is the universal problem of all humanity and Christ is the only answer to that problem.

    I in no way want to hinder anyone from having loving relationships. But if those relationships will separate them from God, if it will enable the devil to distort and continue on his mission of "killing, stealing and destroying" the human race, then I will say something, not because I'm a hater but because I love them and care for their eternity. Even if you think I am wrong, you cannot fault me for being insincere. I was not always a Christian. And I did plenty that now that I understand what God thought of it, I am plenty ashamed of. I've lived both sides of the fence and God's side is way better. The world's definition of joy, peace and security does not hold a candle to having a true, living, vibrant relationship with Christ. (continued)

  4. And yes, it is my responsibility as a loving Christian to speak out against practices that God says will keep people from the Kingdom. It's all so plainly written in scripture. Jesus instructed His disciples to "go into all the world and make disciples". If I never say what He said, I would be disobeying and denying who I say I follow and would be a hypocrite. It's not easy being a Christian because the devil sees to it that we are grossly misunderstood, because he hates us. He also hates you and wants to destroy you! He wants to keep you from the ONLY WAY that you can be helped, delivered and saved from an eternity in hell. That is his mission! I'm not the hater here, He is!

    I am not speaking against people, I am speaking against a kingdom that has taken people captive. I am speaking against the sin that keep them held captive. I am fighting for their freedom. I am putting myself out there because one day it will be too late and if I don't do all I can to help them now than I am not a good human being. This is truly the heart of true Christians and Christian organizations who you think oppose you. They are actually for you.

    I thank you again for entering into dialogue with me. I know that we will not come to a consensus on this issue, but know that I will earnestly pray that you will come to the knowledge of the truth, and that you will take a few minutes to consider honestly what I have said. At the very least, it could cause a little more civility and understanding between those we disagree with.