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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Skunk Carpet

I'm sitting here on the end table watching half of my living room carpet dry.  It's 1:54 am.  I have to get up in 5 hours and I haven't even gone to bed yet!  LOL!  I've still got the other half to go!   I've worked so hard this week cleaning my house and vacuuming everyday (now that I have a vacuum that actually picks up the dirt.  My old one just re-distributed it.  No Kidding!  It's pitiful, I know!)

My schedule tomorrow, I mean today is pretty full.  My daughter will be meeting her vocational rehab assessor for the first time and she is coming here at 9:30 am because she thought it might be more comfortable for my girly.  Thus all the cleaning this week.  

I was feeling pretty good about things.  The laundry was done.  The bathroom was clean, or at least it was until....our lovely, sweet, overly protective Zoe.......

This is her......she's a little upset......she smells....and is no longer on our bed as in this photo but in her kennel.  

 Anyway, she took on one of these in the back yard during a routine potty trip....

She lost.  Now she smells.  So does my living room.  And the kitchen.  And the bathtub.  Why?  Because my children let her in the door after she and the skunk got done "communicating".   I didn't wash her in the tub, I took her out front and washed her with the hose, nearly a whole bottle of LOC, all the peroxide left in the bathroom cabinet and 5 lbs of baking soda.  I also donated the rest of my conditioner to help her fur turn out silky smooth, and a pleasant odor....I hope....I'm not sure yet though.  I must say, Zoe is a trooper.  She stood still and let me do it.  For nearly 30 minutes she stood there looking like a drowned rat, looking up at me with those woe-filled eyes and shaking limbs.  I think it was as traumatic for her as it was for the skunk. Only she reacted in a much more civil way.

  I had planned on washing her today.  She has a vet appointment.  The skunk must have known this and therefore thought that it would be okay to spray her because she was getting a bath anyway.  I'm not sure that Zoe is fully on board with this kind of "stinky" thinking.

I guess I should be thankful that it happened when it did.  For some odd reason, I had borrowed the neighbor's carpet cleaner two days ago so that I could clean my living room carpet. You see, I have one of these...a grandson...

isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?.....anyway, he crawls around on my floor a lot so I wanted to make sure it was clean.  I did not plan on doing it in the middle of the night though.  I guess not everything turns out the way you plan it, now does it?

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