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Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh Goodness! They've Dummed Down the Olympics!

Anyone watching the Olympics?

My heart broke for the young American gymnast who did not make the final cut for the all-around competition.  She is really good. Probably better than a lot of the gymnasts that will be competing in the competition.  That is what infuriates me!

This has nothing to do with me being an American, truly!  It has nothing to do with the fact that most of the experts feel that she was underscored in almost every event.  This has to with competition-what it is, what it does, what it means.

The Olympic competition is about more than competing.  The purpose of the Olympics to determine who is "best"?  It used to be anyway!  But now, in typical Socialist style, this is no longer the case!  In essence it's based on "fairness" and being inclusive, not on actual talent.  I'm not against fairness nor inclusiveness in it's proper place and context.  But the Olympics is about survival of the fittest.  It's about proving over a period of days that you deserve to be called #1 in the world!

But now only two gymnasts from each country can compete.  It doesn't really matter what score you actually earned.  If you happen to place third from your country, you're out.  So even if your actual earned score is higher than all the gymnasts from another country, you're out!  (This sounds vaguely  like the new mentality concerning math in our country which says "It really doesn't matter if you can do math.  It really only matters that you feel good about math."  This could be why the high school graduates at the local McDonald's cannot make change! But I digress!)

I played sports in college.  I didn't play because I savored the feeling of my muscles screaming for oxygen or because I loved the feel of the leather on the basketball or because it was a way to meet people and make new friends.  I played because I wanted to win!  I wanted to dominate the competition and push myself past all my known limits.  And when that final score ended up in my favor, it meant something!  A conference win would not have meant much to me in the end if I knew that although I had won the game I had just played, I had not necessarily competed against the best team that I could have.  In the back of my mind I would always be thinking, "I wonder who would have won if we had played that other team?"   Unfortunately, the gymnasts of the 2012 Olympics will leave wondering the same thing.

I don't know about you, but this goofy decision by the Olympic committee defies the purpose of having an Olympics at all!  The athletes might as well just take off their shoes, stand in a big circle, hold hands, sing  "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" and go home.  It would save a lot of injuries, time, sacrifice and money because, frankly, everyone will leave the Olympics still wondering who really was the best.

Now along with the SAT;s,  the MCATS, and the LSATS, they've dummed down the Olympics!  Is nothing sacred?

I don't want to watch the best some country that wasn't a country last year and may not be a country next year has to offer.  I want to watch the "best" athletes in this world go at it head to head.  I want to witness the toughness, the stamina, and the determination that got those athletes there in the first place.  I want to see the "best of the best".  I want to see the "thrill of victory" and the agony that comes with defeat.  Last night all I witnessed was the agony that comes from being cheated out of the chance that took a lifetime to obtain.

So, for this reason, I, like many others in London, am not watching the Olympics tonight.  The Olympics has just lost it's luster in my eyes!   The gold, silver, and bronze seem tarnished.    The torch is burning a bit less bright in London tonight.

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