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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Love The Quiet Times

I have two bird feeders hanging on the tree that overhangs my deck.  One is a finch feeder. The other holds larger nutmeats suitable for cardinals, blue jays and larger birds.  I enjoy sitting in my kitchen and gazing out the deck door at them as they come and go.  Some come and eat right at the feeder.  Others take a morsel, fly to a nearby branch, put the seed at their feet and peck at it, breaking it up into smaller, manageable pieces.  I have a pair of binoculars that my honey gave me so that I  can see them up close without scaring them away.

Over the years, I have enjoyed identifying what birds are at the feeder...and taking photos of them...and exploring different ways to feed them.  In spite of the fact that I watch birds just for the sheer pleasure of it, I find that bird watching provides me a few moments to quiet my mind and just enjoy the variety, the antics, and the beauty of the birds that grace my deck with their presence each day.

As I take the opportunity to sit and  quiet myself, the Lord takes the opportunity of a quiet mind to drop tidbits of knowledge, ponderings, or just whispers loving things to me.   It is a much longed for time in my otherwise "fast and furious" lifestyle.

Over the last year, the Lord has spoken so many things to me as I watched those delicate creatures.  So, in addition to lawn mower devotions, I now have several ideas which I want to title "Lessons Learned from a Bird".

I love the way God will just interject Himself into my day whether it be on a noisy, stinky mower or at my kitchen table as I sit in the quiet of the morning and watch birds at my feeder.  I see and hear so many things throughout the day as I go about my daily responsibilities that remind me of His presence in my life and I never feel alone.  I love the quiet times when my heart and mind are attuned to His voice.  I love the other times when He just drops something into my ears via another's words or actions....but I especially love the quiet times! :-)

(Now let it be known that I'm not the type to wander onto State Game Lands during hunting season to hunt and view birds!  That's just stupid!  Especially when they don't wear orange!  In fact, I just look at them and shake my head in disbelief wondering if the reason that they love birds that much is because their brains are all about the same size as a bird's brain.  I just let the birds come to me).

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