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Thursday, May 24, 2012

God is a Rewarder of Those That Seek Him!

Faith believes...

Believes that He is...
     That He exists...
     That He is God...
          That if He is God, then He is divine and perfect, infallible...therefore He cannot lie

Believes that He hears...
     Therefore He answers

Believes that He is a rewarder. of those who seek Him...
     Rewards with what you ask Him for, not something else
     Rewards because all the requirement for reward were met in Christ and He is pleased to reward when
            we are found in Christ.

Sinners and doubters cannot receive anything from God.

Faith is substance and evidence, an assurance and a conviction.  It's a title deed that declares you own something even it you cannot see it.   To doubt is to call God a liar, therefore He is under no obligation to answer your prayer.  God cannot lie.

If you do not believe what the rewarder has said, then you have no reward.

This is why we must pray and ask in faith.
     God does nothing outside His will so before prayer discern the will of God.  His Word is His will.
     Then desire the will of God.
          Do not ask amiss or based on your own desires but that God may be glorified in it.
     Then pray knowing that God is pleased with our prayer because it lines up with His will.
          Believing, faith-filled, will-centered prayer will ALWAYS cause a "YES" from heaven!        

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