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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Shoutout ("Hello") To All The International Readers

Just recently Blogger added a nifty little feature.  It's called "stats".  I can click on it and see what country my readers are located in.  While the majority of those who read this blog are in the US, there are also many from other countries who regularly pop in here to see what's going on.  I like that.

I often question at what level we connect.  Do you read to get a taste of the life of a normal American?  Or do we connect more on a spiritual level?  Or maybe you just think I'm really weird.  LOL!  Whatever the reason, I'm glad you read.  And if you would like to satisfy my curiosity, I would love for you to leave me a comment and tell me where you're from, a little about yourself and why you read my blog.

Although my blog is mainly just an outlet for me to get words from my mind and heart onto paper, I try to write with readers in mind.  It still really baffles (confuses, intrigues) me that anyone reads this blog at all.  I never dreamed that people from all over the world would put it on their regular reading lists.  When I write something using slang words, I try to remember to explain what they mean in regular English terms.  I might be horrified at what on-line translators would define some of our slang words as!   And I'm sure that I occasionally use words that are not considered "nice" in other parts of the world.  I sometimes get emails from Pastor's wives in other countries telling me that I used a word that is offensive in their culture.  Just to let all of you know, I do not cuss or use swear words in my own language--EVER!  It's a Jesus thing.  So if I use a word that is off-color in your language, please accept my apology.  It was a totally innocent mistake!  Even in America, there are many words that are acceptable in one region and not in another.  It's almost as if we have different dialects here too.  

I don't consider myself a traveler.  I don't get the opportunity to travel much.  I've only left the United States one time and I was still so close to her borders I could look across a river and see her!  That's not to say that I don't like traveling.  I really don't know because I've never done it!  I don't even own a passport.  I think I would love the history of Europe and Asia, the wildlife of Africa and Australia, and the scenery changes in all other countries.

I do, however get the opportunity to experience other countries here at home.  Our local university has thousands of international students and professors from all over the world.  One of my favorite activities is to befriend some of them and exchange traditions.  For instance, my Asian friends know very little about baking and ovens.  So I spend time with them teaching them to bake and eat apple pie.  There used to be a popular expression that went "that's as American as Mom and apple pie".   So I believe that everyone should experience apple pie at least once or as many times as possible!!!   On the other hand, I was very impressed by the traditions and practices of my Asian friend and her family after she had a baby.  Very different from what we do in America.

And I have some very funny memories of times I made of a fool of myself around my international friends or when the language barrier was a real challenge.  Maybe sometime I'll share some of those stories.


  1. You may be my sister but you also inspire me! God Bless You!

  2. Your blog is a blessing to me. I love the way you write about your life,your daily thoughts and struggles,your relationship with your family and your LOVE for God. I came across your blog when i was searching for answers about the real meaning of being a pastor's wife and i have been reading it seen then. So keep on writing and keep on the faith. You are a blessing too many. Maybe its time for you to get a passport and travel....:)

  3. I blog from Africa, but what I connect with is not your home life, but your thoughts and viewpoints on issues. Some things truly are universal.

    Except Walmart. I really don't understand that. :-D

    1. SB, Walmart is a "superstore"! If WalMart doesn't carry it, you don't need it! LOL! It's a huge department store chain in the US and the source of much controversy with small business owners and those that oppose capitalism. I do shop at WalMart for food and gadgets, but I try to support our local small businesses as much as I can. I pay a little more but it's something I can do to keep the economy in my little spot on the world thriving. Wal-Mart buys things in huge quantities and then offers the savings to their customers-good business. If you ever make it to the US, you must go to one! It will explain a lot about Americans! LOL!

    2. I know the theory of it, but if someone tells a joke and the punchline is "... and it all happened at Walmart" then I will just smile and wave.