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Thursday, April 5, 2012

People Really Need To Learn To Mind Their Own Business

My hubby called me the other day from work a little excited.  He works at a very uneventful place-the garage where the school district stores their buses.  I mean, really, how much that is exciting can really go on in a place where there's two offices, a break room and 3-4 garage bays?

My hubby was walking from the parking lot to the time clock when he saw a man in a pick up truck driving around the parking lot and looking in vehicles.  The man then approached my husband and asked "are you ____?"  My husband, being the kook that he is said "no, that this week anyway."  The man looked a little puzzled as my husband continued on to the garage.  After clocking in, he walked back outside to observe what the man was doing.  He was continuing to look in vehicles.  So the boss called the police.

Turns out he was spouse of one of the drivers.  They are separated.  The reason he was there looking for "____" is because someone that used to work there was talking to his cousin and said that there was a rumor about his spouse and someone named "____" were hooking up.  This man, who was quickly apprehended and arrested by the police for a DUI. was there looking for this supposed person who was seeing his wife.  He was upset about the circumstances of their marriage and wanting to get them resolved and this information drove him to drink and then show up at his spouse's place of work and subsequently get arrested.

"So what?" you may be saying.  This kind of stuff goes on everyday.  Well, first of all,  "____" is not having an affair with anyone from the garage.  It was simply gossip meant to sensationalize someones obviously boring life. The problem was that this man, intoxicated and angry, could have ended up hurting someone, especially if he had found the totally innocent person named "____".   Furthermore, if he is the very angry sort, he might have just walked into the garage and started spraying bullets around or slashing people with something, like the shooter at Oikos University in Oakland, CA.  And who knows?  His arrest meant to neutralize the situation might just be the thing that makes him even madder.  Misplaced anger is often involved when innocent people are hurt.

Scripture tells us to live a "QUIET" life!  We are not to be "talebearers".  I don't care if it is to family members!  Truth is, we rarely have all the facts about most situations so telling what we know may hurt more than help, even if it's meant to help.  Most of the time though, information shared is just to create conversation or to feed that fleshy desire to appear like  "we KNOW things", as if that adds one ounce of importance to us as individuals.

If we have an opportunity to speak, we must speak truth.  God's Word is a good place to start!  What would happen if every time someone tried to gossip to us or tried to get us to participate in gossip we just simply shared something from the Word of God?  How many hearts could we minister to?  How much truth could we release into a person's life?  How much more opportunity would the Holy Spirit have to work in the life of someone needing His ministry?

What are you saying in your emails?  What are you writing on the Internet?  What are you talking with others about when you are just "chatting"?  Is your conversation building up or breaking down?  Are you contributing to healing or are you sympathizing with something that will cause it to continue to fester?

Words are important!   Watch what you say.  Say what you mean.  Mean what you say.  Speak truth, but in love.....always, always, always speak truth!  "My Word is truth!"

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