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Friday, April 27, 2012

My Mower is My Muse

In case you were wondering where I often am when I get inspired to write........here it is!

Isn't it pretty?  I'd prefer purple, but the orange fits me just fine.

I spend approximately 5-7 hours a day on this machine.  Granted, this is not an actual photo of MY machine but it almost identical. Mine's just older.  

And more dinged up.

Without the cup holder...(What were they thinking?)...

And those little black stoppers on the front to keep you from putting a big dent in whatever you happen to hit!  (Trees will be eternally grateful!)

As much as I don't like the lawn business (have I mentioned that before?), I have found that this little machine provides me a quiet place (i.e. free of "Mom, Mom, Mom?", and "Honey, will you do", and the ringing of the phone, and all the distractions at home by things that need done) to think....and sing without anyone being able to hear......and to fill my head with the Word of God which is tucked into my ipod which is pumped into these.......

.....which fit over my ear buds.... and my sunglasses and occasionally a headband.  Yes, you almost have to be an engineer just to get me ready to mow.  

The mower transports me to a whole other world it seems.  It's my muse.  So many profound and wonderful things pop into my head as my mow. My lawn mower devotions are birthed there.....and most of what I write otherwise too.  It's a place where I can pray and not one person can hear what I'm saying...except for God of course!  :-) I even keep a small notebook and pen in my pants pocket.  Often I just stop and write down a few thoughts.  

I hadn't planned on mowing this summer.  I didn't want to mow this summer.   I have been searching for a full time job since February, but now that I'm into it, I am finding so many advantages to what I'm doing:

-As I mentioned before, I have time alone everyday where no one can reach me.

-I get to work with my husband everyday of the year.

-I do have some flexibility in my schedule that I won't have once I'm working full time.

-I'll never have a cooler boss than I do right now. (My hubby is the absolute best!)

-And.....I can just clear my head and think of things I'd like to write about.  

It's so nice to know that the timing of my life is in the hands of God.  So for now, I am content...doing what I don't want to do, going where I'd prefer not to go... but finding and taking advantage of what is good about what I do and leaning on the grace of God to help me do what is hard.  Me thinks my mower is a very good place.

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