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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Personality Tests

I recently applied for a job with a local company known as the best place to work in my state.   I've never met anyone with anything bad to say about working there.  When I talked with some friends about the interview process, which is quite extensive, they mentioned that if I was a consideration for the position, they would send me to a local agency that does personality testing.  I would take a test to find out what type of personality I am and then they would explain how my personality differs from other personalities and how I should interact with other personality types that I may find myself working with.  A good idea, and probably one of the reasons why this place has such a nice working atmosphere.

As I was thinking about this, it caused me to giggle.  My husband and I did these tests a few years ago with our church staff.  Now most people are a mix of personalities, which is why we are all so different.  Some are 60/40 or 80/20 between two personalities.  Some are even a mix of three personalities.  Rarely do you find people who are over 90% just one personality.  When my husband and I took these tests, we discovered that he was 98% a "D" (driven-hates to be wrong and won't admit it even they know they are, organized, a delegator, a loner type person) personality and I was 96% a "S" (sanguine--life of the party, unorganized, laid back, happy go lucky, people loving person).  Of the four personalities listed on this test, there were two that the test information recommend never marry.  You guessed it!  The "D" and the "S".

Now my husband is sure that they wrote these test with us in mind.  You see, my husband's name begins with "D".  My name, although it begins with "C" often hits other people's ears as "Sandy" because of my I-grew-up-in-the-mountains-of-southern-Maryland dialect.  

But through the years my husband and I have worked through all those personality quirks and have developed not just a give and take attitude towards them, but we've learned to really appreciate the strengths of the other's personality.  It causes us to rely on one another too because what he is lacking in his personality, I am strong in and vica versa.  They say opposites attract.  That certainly is true in our case!    People often want to know how we can get along so well, seeing that we have such conflicting personalities.

There is a one word answer for this:  JESUS

I was ready to run home to Maryland after just one year of marriage to this fellow.  And he was ready  for me to run home to Maryland.  But then JESUS happened, first in my life and a 1 1/2 months later in his.  As we grew in Christ, we grew towards each other til now I'm not sure which way I love him more, as my husband, lover, and friend or as my Pastor and brother in Christ.

As I thought about what the Bible says about our relationship with one another, I realized that if we would just treat each other as the Bible instructs us to, we would all get along and the need for personality tests would not even exist!   Just reading through the "one another" verses of the Bible, it was clear that if we truly practiced what the Bible preaches concerning our relationships with others, the whole world would be a wonderful place.  It will be someday, when Christ returns to set up His kingdom.  Then we will see this fully in action.  So I figure that no matter what my personality test shows, it doesn't matter.  I have the mind of Christ and that makes me act like Christ and He was perfect in his dealings and interactions with others.  Now, don't go thinking I think I'm perfect. I know I'm not.  After all, I live with a "D" personality and he is quite willing and able to tell me where I fall short!!!  LOL!

There is a lesson to learn in all of this.  The WWJD principle can really apply.  If you are struggling in a relationship, just start to treat that person like Jesus would.  Learn to see them as God the Father does.  Learn to view them through the eyes of a Savior that gave His life's blood for them.  Learn to have the patience of the Holy Spirit who is at work in them.  They're not perfect either, but if you remember that we have all come the same road of human disaster, then we are apt to have more patience, more compassion, more mercy and more understanding for them than if we just rely on the specifics of a personality.  People were drawn to Jesus-all kinds of people!  If we will just act like Him, then they will be drawn to us as well.  It's very simple.  That's what I like about God.  He makes everything just so simple to understand and practice when it comes to relationships.

Very Simply--think of them first!

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