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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Love My Hubby! (An Overdue, but not Underdone Valentine)

Valentines Day has come and gone.  The vase of roses has dried up and are waiting for a trip to the trash can.  The candy box is empty but my hubby's tummy looks a little more full!  LOL!  However, I can honestly say that everyday is Valentines Day around our house!

My hubby and I don't get too excited about Valentine's day.  We don't even go out.  It's too crowded, the lines are too long and most couples that we see are sitting and eating quietly with dull expressions on their faces and we get the idea that, at best, this is an obligatory activity on the part of the participants.  We usually wait til the next night or so and go out where there are people who actually want to be out eating together can be found.  It makes the meal much more enjoyable! LOL!

I don't know how the thing got started but somehow the idea of being pressured to express your love to another individual just seems ungodly to us!  LOL!  Now don't think that we are some unromantic couple because that is far from the truth.  In fact, we are often pegged as "dating" by waiters and waitresses.  You see my hubby doesn't wear a wedding ring and I don't always wear mine either.  Several times on-lookers have approached and asked us how long we've been dating.  Why?  Because we hold hands.  Because we're unaware of anything around us.  Because we're laughing!   It always causes us to chuckle as we see the looks on their faces when we tell them that we've been dating for almost 34 years, 29 of which we've been married to each other.  "But...you look so happy together!" is their response!  Duhhhhhhhh........ I think that's how it's supposed to be!

I've said this before but I don't need my husband to send me some sentiment in the mail or get down on one knee and passionately express his love for me, although I do enjoy it when he does.  He shows me EVERYDAY when he gets up and goes to work at all 3 of his jobs that he loves me.  When he hands me the checkbook and tells me to go get what the kids or I need or want, he might as well tell me "I love you."  When he texts me silly things during the day for no reason, when he looks out the corner of his eye at me with that look that only I know and his face crinkles up as a slight grin appears, or he brushes the tops of my feet as I sleep while he is leaving for work, or he asks my opinion or offers a constructive opinion to me--he might as well say "I love you!"  The fact that he never speaks ill of me in public even when he could and still be honest and he rarely even does it to my face, unless I need it, of course, that tells me "I love you."  When he doesn't even want to run 5 minutes to Sheetz to get a cup of coffee without my company, that tells me he loves me.

Is my husband like the suave, perfect chick-flick romantic?  Far from it!  But he does understand how to love someone-for real!  He has when-the-rubber-hits-the-road kind of love, the kind that is committed no matter how hard or easy it may be.  He loves the same through good times and bad and THAT to me is TRUE LOVE!  And THAT is why I love him so!

Happy Valentines Day Honey!


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