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Monday, October 10, 2011

Hallmark Moments with God

When my Mom passed away, my Dad gave me a envelope filled with poems and songs that my Mom had written.  She was always singing a little "ditty" of some kind and knew just about every song ever written. I still laugh as I remember how the silly songs would make us laugh as she danced around the kitchen twirling with a pancake turner in her hand singing songs like "Yes, We Have No Bananas", "Oh Johnny", "Boom, Boom, Diddle, Daddle, Waddam, Shoot", and one about a train stopping goat.  She even instilled in me the love of a certain name, which I gave to our first born daughter.   Later in life, she turned her hand to poetry and found that she was quite handy at that too.  When I find myself missing her, I get that envelope out and read through them.  It gives me little glimpses into her heart and I remember all the good things. 

Blogging has been a journey for me.  I first started out blogging to record things for my children so they could have a remembrance of their childhood, a digital scrapbook, of sorts.  (And maybe someday when they're missing me, it will bring comforting memories to them too.)  I soon found that it was a wonderful writing outlet as well and the more I did it, the more I realized that I love to write!  I don't think that I often have much of value to say, but I find enjoyment from learning to say it in creative and effective ways.  I guess I must be more like my Mom than I ever admitted.

In scripture, God often instructed people to write things down for remembrance purposes, to chronicle His workings in their lives, as a memorial, and for public record.  I think that this is just as important today!  It's those things that become part of the heritage that we hand down to our children for what more important thing do we pass on to our children than a spiritual heritage?  Some of my husband's most treasured possessions are old dog eared Bibles with hand written notes in them that he inherited from his great grandparents and grandparents.  They tell of a time and a faith that stood strong through time.  When we have an understanding of those that came before us, it helps us to understand our own selves much better, but more importantly, we come to know and understand our roots.  (My husband has a rich spiritual heritage that dates all the way back to the Asuza St. revival.  There are spiritual principles already at work in his life based on the promises made to his ancestors.  That is a comforting thing, especially in times of hardship or trouble and it sets a standard for living that encourages us to believe big.) 

Spiritually speaking, this is very important.  Through the experiences, failures and victories of saints that have gone before us, we can glean and learn things without re-inventing the wheel of life.  If we will heed the lessons that we learn from them, we will end up going higher, deeper, and longer in the things of God which will make us more useful for His Kingdom.

Thus, I want to get back to my original intent for blogging and that is to chronicle my walk with the Lord.  My children have already heard many of these things, but having a written record in my own words will provide them a first hand account of what made their crazy mother tick!

So every now and then I plan to post a moment that to me is a Hallmark moment with God.  I pray that it will bless my children some day and that it will bolster their faith and encourage them to walk even further, to go even deeper, and to live even higher than I was able to.  If we will effectively pass on what we have learned to those younger than ourselves, their potential in God when they reach our age will far exceed even what we obtained in a whole lifetime.  I called that "2 twoin' it".  (2 Timothy 2:2)

Someday, when my kids look back on all these "writings" that I have posted here, I pray that they will understand their Mom, their spiritual heritage, their history and possibly their destiny just a little bit better.  I pray that they will find hope, encouragement, warm memories, and a few giggles along the way. 

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