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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Have You Checked Your Account Balance Lately? (Lawn Mower Devotion Seriws)

As some of you already know, my husband and I are bi-vocational ministers which means we also work a secular job on top of the ministry.  We own a lawn and turf company so we do a lot of mowing, raking, bush trimming, fertilizing, spraying, mulching etc.  Business is as unpredictable as the weather, in fact, as the weather goes, so goes the business.  This past July we had no work for 3 weeks.  Fortunately June had proved to be very busy, so we were able to make it through July fine, financially speaking.  But in August, the July money was not nearly enough to make ends meet, but we believed God to provide.  He always has before. We did fine up until the last 10 days of August.  Then the money just dried up, along with the grass!  We landed a big clean-up job that was more than enough to get us through to the end of the month.   It was for our bank manager.  She had just moved into a new house and as a gift, her parents offered to pay to have the outside spruced up a bit.  They left the check with her so that she would have the money when we finished.  We like those kind of customers! LOL!  We rejoiced in God's provision!

We went over right away and did the work.  While we were working, the bank manager arrived home and even stopped to chat, but didn't offer to pay us.  So the next day, while at the bank, we gave her the invoice but still no pay.  Another day and another day and another day went by with no payment.  We had to say "no" to some fun opportunities for the kids, one of our boys started school in a pair of shoes that the soles were literally falling off of,  dinners were down to spagettio's and ramen noodles and "the pickins were very slim" as us rednecks say.  Both checkbook balances went all the way to "0" and we wondered "God, what in the world are you doing?"  We were a little perplexed.  The next time we went to the bank, the bank manager came out and said "Did you notice I put your payment in your account last week?"  We just stood there dumbfounded.  Because we hadn't gotten any checks in the mail, we hadn't gone to the bank and had no idea that there was any money in the account!  Here we were, barely living because we didn't know the money we needed was there so we didn't take advantage of what was in our account.

A lot of Christians live like this.  God has blessed us abundantly through the death and resurrection of His son.  Our account has not only been settled, but many deposits have been made.  As God's family, we have many rights and privileges such as peace, joy, comfort, provision, healing, protection, assurance, and abundant grace in every situation!  Jesus became accursed that we might be blessed with the blessing that He rightly deserves!  And that's NO SMALL blessing!  Problem is, a lot of times it is just sitting in our account not being used.  Some don't know it's there, so they don't even try to access and use it.  Other's read about it in the Bible but do not activate their faith and receive what's already been given.  Consequently, we walk around in lack, worrying, depressed, and feeling that somehow God has failed us because we seemingly have so much need.  Well, I'm here to tell you.....HEY!  Check your account!!!!!!!  It's in there!!!!  Everything you need to live a victorious, overcoming life has ALREADY been given.  Christ has done ALL that He is ever going to do for you!

How do we activate the blessings?????  By faith!  I heard a well known TV preacher the other day preaching that if we "just say God's Word, it will work in our lives."  He never once mentioned that we have to receive and speak God's Word in faith!  (I guess he missed the story of the 7 sons of Sceva.  They spoke the Word and got their butts kicked which proves that our faith must be in the author of those words and not the words themselves!)  There's no charismatic formula to say or do to get what you want or need.  We can't manipulate God.   There's only faith in the one who has already provided all that we need pertaining to life and godliness! Does your life show that you believe it?   It's very simple.  "Only believe"--that He is good and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.    Jesus often said that it's OUR faith that determines what we receive and what we don't.  Lack of faith on the part of the recipient was the only thing that kept Jesus from being able to provide whatever they needed or wanted. 

I have determined that I don't want to live another day leaving anything sitting in my account.  I want to take it out and use it to live a Godly life, a blessed life, a healthy life.  I don't want one blessing that cost Jesus his life to provide to go unused in my own!   When I read the Word, I pray that I would just take God at His Word, that I would see what He has provided and that I would take it and use it so that my life will glorify and reflect all that he is!  If that is what the world sees, then they will desire all that we have and they too will come to Christ!

Do you just believe what you read in God's Word?  Do you just figure that if He said it, He meant it and He'll do it?  I am doing that more and more and I see God working in my life so much more than before.  God delights performing His Word in our lives!!!!  In fact, He wanders to and fro looking for someone to show Himself strong to!!  Are you that person?  Is your account sitting unused?   

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