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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hubby's April Valentine-Our Story

To my one true love.  If there was such a thing as a soul mate, you would be mine. Still, God has truly made us one.  One in the Lord.  One flesh.  One in purpose.  One in passion.  How abundantly blessed beyond all I could ask or think I am in having married you. 

I know you joke about marrying me for my money.  I know I joke about marrying you for your money.  And by now everyone is laughing because anyone that knows us knows that neither one of us has a lot of money!  But money could never have purchased what the Lord has done in our relationship.  It is truly "marvelous in my eyes!"

Every couple has a love story.  And they all think that their story is somehow special compared to the many others that they hear.  But I have a feeling that when we get to heaven, we will find that our love story is the most common, yet the most profound love story ever written.

Our story is profound because few relationships that got off to the kind of start ours did are still in existence.  As close as it came to ending, only a supernatural act could have saved it.   No power wrought in the heart of mankind could have changed what was changed in our relationship.  Only God could have put in our hearts what we have.

Our story is common because what we have is only a result of two hearts turning from each other and turning to the Lord.  As we grew closer to Christ, we grew closer to each other.  It just happens that way!  And since God is no respecter of persons, every love story will sound the same.  Through all the ages of failed marriages that God has restored, the story will sound the same, over and over and over again, but I have a very feeling that it is a story that never grows old.  Even still, it is the greatest love story ever told.  A story of redemption.  A story filled with incredible sorrows that turned into joy.  A story of great sacrifice and incredible victory!  A story only an all powerful God could write.

And yes, it is special, not because it's ours, but because it's Jesus' story and everything He does is perfect and worthy of receiving praise.

It used to be hard for me to imagine us not being married in heaven, not being the center of each other's universe, but if our life together in Christ on earth is just a shadow of what heaven will be like, then I can't wait for both of us to get there!  We will still be one!  We will still be one in purpose.  We will still be one in passion.  We will have come so close to Christ that we will still be one with each other.   But best of all, we will be one with Christ!

Thank you honey, for a little slice of heaven on earth!  I truly, truly love you.

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